Eachine Pioneer E350 Quadcopter With GPS 915MHz Radio Telemetry Kit

Eachine is a well known brand when it comes to quadcopters and drones of several types, the brand has proven its mettle time to time and has offered some feature rich , quality drones. The latest offering from Eachine is the Pioneer E350 quadcopter which comes with a GPS and 915Mhz Telemetry Kit.
The quadcopter is indeed compact in size and simultaneously very light, making it fast and responsive to manoeuvre. The design of the quadcopter resembles as that of a spider, further the device has an aerodynamic design helping it cut of the air resistance. It also has optional Gimbal HD camera.
Other features include :
  • Frequency : 2.4G
  • Channel : 8CH
  • Gyro: 6 Axis
  • Motor type: 2212 980KV brushless motor
  • Main rotors: 9045*4
  • ESC: 20AM brushless ESC
  • Receiver: 2.4Ghz,8 channel receiver
  • Transmitter: 2.4Ghz,8 channel and programmable.
  • Battery: 3S 11.1V 2200mAh
  • Flight weight: 895g
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The quadcopter has a host of Functions namely GPS hold system, auto-return, up and down, forward and backward, side-flying, left and right turning, hover.

One key to return function makes it easy to find the way home for the quadcopter,all you have to do is press  a button and the drone will return home. Also it has the Failsafe return to home feature. The drone is also smart enough to know a Lower voltage on the battery and issue a warning & RTL features. With Follow me function you make it follow your phone anywhere you go. There is also Telemetry and mission planner by default, thereby which you can plan and set its path on your smartphone app and the drone will follow it. Plus it supports Andropilot GROUND STATION. The Eachine Pioneer E350 Quadcopter is priced at $209.

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