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In modern video games, sound plays an equally vital role as graphics. To ensure survival in many competitive shooter games, players must listen intently for gunshots and footsteps. With the added necessity of using a microphone to communicate with teammates online, gamers often wear headphones to enhance sound quality and eliminate ambient distractions. You can play the game and check minecraft 1.20.30 download here.

Although headphones can heat up after extended use, earbuds have gained popularity in recent years due to advancements in audio technology. With the introduction of gaming earbuds like the Edifier Hecate GX07, gamers now have the option to play in comfort while also maintaining a stylish appearance.

Buy and Save $78

Thanks to the flash sale, these earbuds are available for purchase at Edifier’s official Aliexpress store. They retail for $149.98 but are currently at just $71.99.

What Are Hecate GX07 Gaming Earbuds?

Edifier has recently launched the Hecate GX07 gaming earbuds, catering specifically to gamers. With active noise-canceling technology and a sleek, futuristic design featuring RGB lighting on both the earbuds and charging case, these earbuds are a top-of-the-line offering.

They offer up to 6.5 hours of playtime and can be charged for an additional 26 hours of gameplay using the included charging case before requiring a recharge. So, these earbuds are a fantastic choice for any game lover.

However, is the GX07 really that good? Recently, I also received this headset for review. I just took this opportunity to give you a detailed analysis of the characteristics of this gaming headset. Before starting the review, we want to thank Edifier for their confidence in giving us this product for review. Now let’s get started.


When I got the Hecate GX07, I was impressed by the appearance design of this earphone. The packaging itself is a pull-out box, which showcases the earphones’ exaggerated shape.

This unique packaging may surprise most consumers, leaving them unsure of what to expect. The “Made for GAMING” icon on the box further emphasizes its gaming focus, which intrigued me.

The package contains a jewelry box with a distinct structure. The upper part serves as storage for accessories, while the lower part is designed to function as an earphone charging case.

The structure of the jewelry box is built in a way that resembles the shape of armor, giving it a unique and stylish appearance.

After disassembling the entire package, one can find the Edifier HECATE GX07 earphones, a charging case, a manual, and a storage bag. The storage bag has a leather-like texture and is of excellent quality, as it can be conveniently opened and closed with elastic stickers. Furthermore, the package also includes three pairs of ear tips and a USB Type-C cable, making it a well-rounded set of accessories.

Appearance and Design

The design of the Edifier HECATE GX07 battery box is praiseworthy indeed. Its top-view shape resembles a shield with slightly curved sides and bottom lines, while its side shape is an irregular hexagon.

The primary body is adorned with a silver-gray finish that exudes a sandblasted metal texture. The front and rear panels are sleek and polished black with a sandblasted texture. The front features a decorative START button that is chrome-plated with a bright silver finish.

Overall, the design is minimalistic and sharp, with clean edges and corners that exude a sense of technological sophistication. The black and gray color scheme is also perfectly in line with the tastes of contemporary men and women.

According to official specifications, the battery box is also available in white and yellow. The workmanship of the battery box is top-notch, making it resistant to minor scratches and less prone to dirt, oil stains, and fingerprints.

The real surprise arrives when the battery box is opened, revealing the GX07’s unique double-wing clamshell design, which was inspired by sports cars.

This feature gives the earbuds a distinct opening posture that is both visually striking and functional. The angle and elevation of the cover’s opening is precisely calculated, resulting in a stable posture that looks impressive from any angle.

The flip covers on either side of the battery box are equipped with Hall sensors that activate the corresponding earphone channels when opened, connecting the left and right channels to different hosts.

The covers also have a balanced damping effect and moderate suction force, providing ease of use without being too loose or difficult to open. This clamshell design also adds a sense of ceremony when picking up or putting away the earphones. Overall, we are extremely impressed with this design, which is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

As we have seen in the above images, GX07 features RGB lighting effects that activate when any flap is opened and automatically switch off after a specific duration once the lid is closed.

The GX07 earphones feature a unique bean sprout shape, with the earphone handle retaining its irregular hexagonal design to match the battery box’s design language. The acoustic cavity adopts a curved design for enhanced comfort during use.


The weight of Edifier HECATE GX07 earphones is approximately 5 grams each, making them quite lightweight.

So, these headphones provide a comfortable wearing experience without noticeable discomfort or swelling. Besides, they offer reliable stability and are unlikely to come loose during use. Additionally, the headphone part features a lighting effect, which can be disabled through the app.

We have written a lot about its appearance and design because it is more attractive to hands. In the TWS world of various egg shapes, this kind of personalized design is really needed to relieve everyone’s aesthetic fatigue.

Control by APP

In the APP, you can perform various settings on the earphones, including noise reduction switch, surround sound switch, in-ear detection, game mode, and other functions. You can also fine-tune the sound, set various prompt volumes and lights, and operate the page easy to understand.

Sound Quality and Experience

During the time I used Hecate GX07, I used it to play black games with my friends. I usually switch to the game mode before the game starts. This is because, in this game mode, the headset has H+ game sound effects and 60ms low latency. Blessing, it can be especially enhanced and optimized for the ambient sound, footsteps, and gunshots in the game to achieve clear listening and position recognition. At the same time, the ultra-low delay as low as 60ms can also allow you to find enemies quickly and more sensitively.

In this actual game, I like to turn up the volume of the headset a little bit. In addition to finding the enemy in time and increasing my winning rate, I also like the sound effect of this headset so that I can better immerse myself in the game. The whole game experience can be said to be hearty.

Of course, although it is a headphone mainly for games, it is also good in music performance. Edifier Hecate GX07 has a flagship acoustic configuration, equipped with an 8mm composite diaphragm unit, supports AAC, LHDC dual high-definition decoding, and GX07 Professional tuning in the laboratory, the actual music performance is not inferior to the mainstream wireless noise-canceling headphones on the market.

In terms of actual emotional performance

My personal opinion is that the treble is very transparent, accurate, and clean. The bass is also very thick, and the overall sound performance tends to be bright, but it doesn’t look so thin. There is no problem with watching dramas or listening to music every day. I can even say that even if you are a user who is picky about sound quality, this headset The listening performance can definitely satisfy you.

Edifier HECATE GX07 has a noise reduction depth of up to -38db and has excellent ANC hybrid active noise reduction performance. We all know that the main advantage of hybrid noise reduction is to detect the noise level inside and outside the ear canal through the microphone, and then send a reverse signal through the dynamic coil. The sound wave is eliminated.

The advantage of this noise reduction mode is that the frequency band is wider and the noise reduction effect is also deep. In normal use, I like to turn on the noise reduction mode in the office or on the bus. The ambient sound is well isolated, and The ear pressure control of this earphone is very good, and there will be no pain and discomfort after wearing it for a long time in the noise reduction mode. You can also switch its ambient sound mode and noise reduction mode by touch, which is very convenient.

As mentioned above, Hecate GX07 is equipped with earplugs of different sizes for users, and you can adjust them according to your ear canal conditions. After choosing the earplugs, the earphones can fit the ear canal very well. With the ergonomic design, the overall wearing experience is still very comfortable. Usually, when playing games, you may wear the earphones continuously for more than one and a half or even two hours without any feeling of soreness.

Battery Life Endurance Test

In terms of battery life, we will not show official data here. My personal experience is that the battery life of a single pair of earphones is about 6 hours. If it is used with a charging case, I think it will exceed 25 hours. After the noise, the battery life will be slightly shortened, but with the charging box, it can reach about 20 hours.

I can charge this pair of headphones once every four or five days. There is no problem at all. It is worth mentioning that this headset supports fast charging. If you suddenly run out of power in game mode, you only need to charge for 15 minutes to support a battery life of about two hours. It is very practical for occasional emergencies. This data shows that it is quite powerful.


The first impression of these headphones is naturally its cool flying wing door design and cool RGB, but these are just the bonus points for it as a headset. This unique shape is right At present, there are somewhat aesthetically fatigued designs on the market, which will make your eyes shine.

But the cool shape is just a bonus item. Whether it is daily commuting or game experience optimization, the Edifier HECATE GX07 can satisfy it as a main headset, not just a gaming headset. Low latency, game sound optimization, and -38db hybrid active noise reduction are all its strong selling points. So we gave these Bluetooth True Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones a recommended rating.

Where to buy

Buy and Save $78

Thanks to the flash sale, these earbuds are available for purchase at Edifier’s official Aliexpress store at the price of $71.99, instead, of its $149.98 retail price.

Currently, these earbuds are available for purchase at Edifier’s official Aliexpress store 

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