Elephone C8 – The Presence Of Four Cameras Is Expected And It Will do beautiful photos with bokeh effects


The company Elephone is working on a refurbished cell phone designated Elephone C8. It is a big step towards the launch. The company has just announced that the phone will have as many as 4 cameras and a 5.7-inch screen with the top tilt recently on the market. According to what has been revealed today by the manufacturer.

The Elephone C8 will have four cameras, which means that both the front camera and the rear camera will have double lens. The four cameras of the C8 use the same color sensor (RGB + RGB) and overlap the light and color by combining them to capture real and bright photos.

The four cameras of the Elephone C8 are different from the common double cameras in the market. It is a software issue, where you need to be careful with both the performance and the effects of the photo. We have used the ArcSoft algorithm to achieve this stability in the rear camera, achieving a more refined photography quality.

In addition, the rear camera, thanks to the bokeh effect, can focus the object in the foreground while blurring the background, thus obtaining more expressive photos. The bokeh effect is something that other smartphones also offer, but in Elephone we have tried to improve it using 5 months of communications, plans, tests, and optimizations.

What is really curious is that the company Elephone has taken a long time to introduce the Elephone C8, which has not yet revealed the release date of this great mobile that many are looking forward to, but how important the firm is doing good tests, optimizing and improving the C8, which gives more perspective to the users in acquiring this mobile. You can visit the official site of Elephone, so be aware of some news about this device.


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