Elephone Explorer pro 2 to come with a free Remote control


Elephone is planning on launching the Explorer pro 2, an enhanced version of the successful predecessor Explorer Pro. As claimed by Elephone, the Explorer pro 2 will be the first ever voice broadcast camera and will feature a Sony IMX117 12MP to cater the photography needs and a  NT96660 chipset  that will drive processing power even to support 4K videos @24fps. It has a 170 degree wide angle lens that will give a wider FOV.


Elephone wants to push its limits. To make an example out of the Explorer Pro 2, Elephone will offer a special remote control to the users for better camera control and has made it waterproof too. The maximum range of the controller is 10 metres, giving users more flexibility in experimenting their photography skills. There are 2 seperate buttons on the remote allows to take photos and capture videos. Elephone has even posted a video on YouTube that gives a detail explanation about it. Take a peek at it below.

A happy news for the Elephone fans is that this special remote control will be offered for free along with the Explorer Pro 2. so Stay tuned cause we will be bringing more updates on this.


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