Exposure Shows Google Pixel 3 Will Have “Top Shot” Smart Camera Mode


Google will release a new generation of Pixel 3 series mobile phones next Tuesday. Interestingly, just this afternoon, Sham Shui Po has introduced Pixel 3 XL, and Xiaoji will visit the site for the first time.

It only mentions that the Pixel 3 XL is equipped with a 6.3-inch screen, 128GB of storage capacity, a “pure black Just Black” design and the model “G013C”. There is also this: “Designed by Google. Made in China.” On the far right, there is a hologram sticker with Google’s “G” logo on it.

Although this product has not yet been released, it seems that everything is ready: this phone feels solid and well-made, as well as the outer box and accessories. It is equipped with a pair of USB-C interface headphones, USB-C to 3.5mm audio interface adapter cable, USB-C-to-USB-C charging cable, USB-C-to-USB-A adapter cable, and an 18W USB -C interface power adapter.

Based on some of the system applications I’ve tried to install, the Pixel 3 XL uses the Snapdragon 845 chip, but the strange thing is that it only has 4GB of memory. The high-end Pixel 3 series phones may have 6GB or more of memory. The screen resolution is 2,960*1,440, but it is unclear which OLED panel is used by Pixel 3 XL – most likely LG’s P-OLED. But when viewed in the sun, the screen seems to have been improved.

Unsurprisingly, this phone is equipped with Google’s latest Android 9.0 operating system, also known as Android Pie, with its own gesture navigation, as well as edge extrusion, allowing users to perform certain actions by squeezing the phone, such as switching Google. The assistant is either muted. The edge extrusion is basically the same as the HTC’s grip operation, but the customization is low.

As for the camera, the Pixel 3 XL app confirms that the single main camera has a 12.2-megapixel resolution and the front camera has an 8-megapixel resolution. It turns out that Google borrowed from LG’s practice and added an extra-wide sub-front camera. Interestingly, in Google’s view, it’s more important for users to be able to take a group selfie more easily than using a telephoto lens on the main camera. In terms of video recording, the video quality of the main camera can be up to 4K 30fps, and the self-photographing head can be up to 1080p.

Although the details of the Pixel 3 series have been leaked over and over again in the past few months, I am sure that Google’s release in New York still has some new surprises. Maybe an impressive HDR+ algorithm update? Regardless of the phone, we are also looking forward to the Chrome OS tablet, a brand new “family center”, the new Chromecast, and perhaps more surprises.

As for the user experience, the Pixel 3 XL is still qualified by today’s standards. This machine feels OK, it looks a bit like the feeling of the Huawei P20 Pro, but it is lighter and barely can be operated with one hand. The most enjoyable is that when watching the movie, the sound can pass through the top and bottom of the machine. The horn (not the bottom speaker) makes a sound, and it has a Stereo feel.

At the time of writing, Google Pixel 2 ranked 8th on DXOMark with 98 points. I believe Pixel 3 XL is expected to rise several levels. Xiaoji night photography found that it has extremely fast focus, and there is no delay after the button is shot. Then look at the photos of the following automatic mode Snap. Under the combination of F1.8, ISO 319 and 1/25 seconds, not only the main detail position can be displayed in detail. There is no half-point noise on the black sky. It has a True Black effect and is surprising.

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So, if the Google Pixel 3 XL next Tuesday is really the model that is on sale, what other features will Google have at the bottom of the box?

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