F1 Smart Wristband With Blood Pressure Sensing


F1 smartband is a smart wrist band that works as a smart notification assisstant and also as a health monitor. The smartband comes square OLED singletouch screen and has a rectangular dial. The smartband comes in with a unique features of tracking the blood pressure of the user and much more. It has a host of sensors like the HRM, Bluetooth, accelerometer etc.

Collect the body 24 set of date with green light to measure the blood pressure/heart rate/blood oxygen. The accuracy rate is close to 95% comparing with treatment equipment. It will monitor oxygen when you want (by switch the smart bracelet to oxgen testing mode) or the smart bracelet would check your it automatically every 1 hour. There are 8 languages available on app, suiting for different countries. It can Monitor your sleeping from 9pm to 9am. It can also Record sport data and incoming reminder Message remind and display, showing message about 16 characters.

The F1 Smartband comes with a rubber strap, it has 80mAh battery with 7 days of battery life and charges fairly fast within 90 minutes. It is IP67 water proof and dustproof. It has a low energy Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. You can order this piece of gadget here and get it for just $28.50



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