FAA Approves Fully Automated Commercial Drone Flights


In October, the FAA took a big stride to allow increasingly good drones fly by themselves, permitting self-flying drones of Skydio to inspect any bridge in North Carolina for 4 a long time, as long as humans first confirmed all those bridges were being obvious.

Today, U.S. aviation regulators have approved the first fully automated commercial drone flights, granting a Massachusetts-based company ” American Robotics Inc” permission to operate drones without needing a human pilot or an observer anyplace near the plane.

In case, proceed to the flight of the drone. Even so, this does not mean that the drones of American Robotics Inc can fly completely autonomously. The FAA stated in the approval document that the AR company still needs to assign a pilot to each UAV, and pilots need to check safety matters before flying and inspect the aircraft through remote tools.

The Scout automatic drone produced by AR takes off from a dedicated box and can fly without manual intervention after takeoff. This unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped with sound detection and other systems, which can detect other unmanned aerial vehicles at a distance of 3.2km and automatically descend altitude to avoid. The following is the company’s demo video.

It seems that the FAA’s permission is only limited to flying in a few locations in Kansas, Massachusetts, and Nevada because the agency does not want aircraft routes to pass over the crowd. American Robotics has previously obtained FAA’s over-the-horizon flight permit, but the pilot needs to go to the destination to check in advance.

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