FeiyuTech SPG smartphone gimbal design, features, review (with coupon)


FeiyuTech is one of those brands that came to democratize gimbals to people (use to cost thousand of dollars). For those who doesn’t have a clue about gimbals this devices uses a combination of weights and motors to keep a camera steady while it’s in motion. That means you can walk or even run and enjoy much smoother video than you could just holding the phone in your hand. Today we’re gonna talk about FeiyuTech SPG model.


Made almost all from anodized aluminum black color, FeiyuTech SPG is a gimbal made specially for smarphones and actions cameras (like GoPro) and seems that this brand was thinking about iPhones when they made this first device in 2015. This gizmo can support weight no more than 230 grams and the bracket can be adjusted for mobiles from 50 to 80 mm wide (can grab the iPhone 7+ bare without case). Tilting angle that can reach is 320°, the rolling angle is also 320° and the panning angle is 360°. Its tilting increments goes from 2°/s to 75°/s and for panning goes from 3°/s to 150°/s. This gimbal uses a 22650 rechargeable battery (3.7V 3000mAh) to power their rotors, which when is fully charged can operate for 7 hours in regular enviroments. The gimbal ready to use without the smarphone weights around 416g and has dimensions 25.2*18.5*5.6cm.

With internal anti-shake technology this gimbal can effectively reduce the negative effects from the shaking of human body.The Feiyu Tech SPG can place you mobile screen in a vertical position with a simple tilt to either side. Just tilt the gimbal and it will stay centered. By this way you can have all the attention in your live stream. Using the latest technology and with intelligent inertial measurement, the SPG cautomatically change the screen mode between horizontal to vertical and vice versa, special for Vlogers. The SPG can collapse and extend on both sides to balance with different smartphone’s gravity centers, so you don’t have to worry how to set your mobile on it or how it will react with different mobiles and different weights. It has a joystick, which you can use to control with precision the gimbal, to pan or tilt while filming. When Feiyu On app locked the face in the shooting image, the gimbal can achieve face tracking, following the direction of person’s movement automatically. The time-lapse photography function can be achieved by setting Feiyu ON APP, also.



This gadget will give any phone steady shots, don’t worry about shaking hands, once the smartphone is proper balanced you are ready to take pictures and videos like a pro. Even you can add accessories to this gimbal, Feiyu provides a selfie stick adapter to take shot when the environment is crowd with people, they also offer a charging adapter for iPhone so you don’t have to worry about loosing battery juice. If you want to use Panorama, Time-Lapse and Face Tracking modes they only works with Feiyu APP from the app stores, i recommend this app to calibrate the gimbal, update the firmware or use the advance camera shots. Once you have the gimbal in your hand the silicon cover gives you a secure gripe, use the joystick to lock or pan the smartphone and when you are ready to shoot just press the button below. While filming you don’t have to worry about weather, Feiyu SPG has a Ip65 certification. Seems like Feiyu I+D invest lots of time in ergonomics because every function is easy to reach and the whole assembly feels light, so you can use it for long sessions without being tired. Pairing the SPG with your phone could be tricky at first but once you are used to work with it runs like a charm.


There’s an ancient advise “the best camera is the one you have in your hand” and that’s our phones, but in order to take the best shots the FeiyuTech SPG gimbal is highly recommended. You can find this gadget at Tomtop for half the price you would invest in Osmo Mobile or Karma Grip gimbals, use coupon code HTYSPG50, to grab it at 229.00 USD!

Update on Sept.13, 2017
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