Finding a comfortable headphone for the business office


Good headphones are one of the most important devices for an office worker or a professional. A number of employees, no matter from which field they belong, for their work, rely on the headphones for a better performance. For more details see here

Some of the advantages of using headphone are;

  • There are less chances to incline when headphones are on.
  • In a busy and noisy environment, one can create his own zone by using headphones.
  • In addition to have a separate zone, one can get motivation by inspirational music.
  • Music can turn anyone’s mood in a few minutes.

So it is important to know which headphones are better for your business. It might seems hard to pick a right headphone on your own. It will be easier if you check a few specifications of different brand. First of all one must know about his priorities in the chosen headphones. Then by comparing the specification, anyone can choose a best headphone like  Microsoft teams headset

Following are few specifications which should be taken into account while choosing a comfortable headphone;

  • Noise cancellation feature

Unwanted and ambient sounds are reduced by soundproofing feature of the headphones. Distracting concurrent activities cancellation can improve the concentration of employees.

  • Impedance

Basically, power handling feature of the headphones are called impedance. Lower impedance require less power to deliver higher audio levels. Higher impedance headphones, however, deliver high volumes with the help of more power but the headphones with high impedance are not damaged by the overloading amplifiers. Equipment having higher range perform best with high impedance headphones.

  • Total harmonic distortion

Some headphones, don’t perform well with higher volume i.e. the diaphragm of drivers started to distort at higher volume due to which certain frequencies started to crack. Less total harmonic distortion cause less frequency distortion. While higher total harmonic distortion cause more distortion in the frequency.

So, one should choose a headphone set with less than 0.1% of total harmonic distortion. In techspecs section one can find about the total harmonic distortion.

  • Input power

Sensitivity of the headphones is directly related to the input power. There are two values of input power. One is rated and other is maximum. For achieving the best sound what power must be delivered to the headphones is rated value while maximum power given to a headphone without damaging headphones is maximum.

  • Sensitivity

Sound pressure level of the headphones are their sensitivity. Headphones usually have a feature to inform when the sensitivity is beyond safety.

So one must consider some important features of the headphone and choose accordingly. A good headset have following features;

Noise cancelation higher
Impedance higher
Total harmonic distortion lower
Input power rated
Sensitivity higher


There are few types of the headphones which are given below;

  • Closed headphones

These headsets can block frequencies that are upper treble as well as have noise cancellation feature. But low treble frequencies like airplane and train cabin frequencies are not canceled by them. They are not good for travelling but best for office use.

  • In ear headphones

Of all the headphones, in ear headphones provide best results for noise cancelation and has more sensitivity. That’s why these are the best among all.

  • Wireless

Bluetooth wireless are mainly used in offices with tablets, portable devices and smartphones. These are noiseless and provide decent fair sound quality. Bluetooth 3.0 is better performing and updated than the previous one.

  • Microphone

Microphones have a built in mic which allows to answer phone call and listen to music. Now a days 101 series have more features than the previous old versions.

Some of the recommended headphones are below

  • Focal clear
  • Campfire audio Andromeda
  • speakers ether 2

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