Five Must-Have Apps If You Have A New Windows Computer


If you have just purchased yourself a new PC or have reinstalled Windows operating system, then the first thing that you likely should be doing is installing apps. Yes, there are a dozen of amazing apps for the Windows operating system and related to its programs but it would be much better if you know no what kind of software and applications will be most suitable for Windows 10 or older computers, such as the Nevertheless, we’ve made a quick list of five must-have apps if you’ve got a Windows computer.

Google Chrome: For Internet Browsing

If you have any system, Google Chrome is probably the first application that would cross anyone’s mind to download and install – it’s really that useful. there are no surprises that Google Chrome might be the top browser app. it’s the speed that you need and the speed that you deserve. It’s a very steady and stable application that will provide you with the convenience of instantly searching for any information that you are looking for. You can search for an image, videos etc. The extension of the Google Chrome search is a vast platform.

Google Drive: For Cloud Storage

There are a lot of cloud app services in the market but if you are trying to pick out the best and the safest is a platform in which you can store all your personal information including images, documents files and much more, then without a doubt this marvelous piece of  tech is one that you should go for. Now the amount of storage that it will have is 15 GB which is free. This is shared and connected across all your linked google accounts. And it doesn’t just stop at this. Google Drive can be accessed across different platforms – be it a PC, phone or even a tablet (if you still use that anymore).

If you are using a windows laptop, you can automatically transfer your files, if they are stored on the cloud – all you need to do is regularly back your data to the cloud and turn Sync on. The app will allow you to back up all of your folders and files to the cloud from your external peripherals, and keep them safe over the internet.

Now, this also has a feature that will allow you to easily share your files with anyone that you would like to access it. So for whatever reason you’ve got – be it saving extra space, using your files anywhere without external equipment, or simply have backups of all your data – Google Drive is an absolute no brainer.

Spotify: Streaming Music

Who doesn’t love music, and if you have just gotten yourself the new system wouldn’t you want to listen to the best music in the highest quality possible. If you are looking for all these kinds of features then Spotify is the app that you need to install.

Going back into the nostalgic memories while you were listening to the music on your desktop with an app that had no way of organizing or importing all the collection of music that you had stored. Well, you don’t have to worry about stuff like that anymore with the streaming services that Spotify provides you. It can eliminate the need to buy every individual album or song that comes across in the digital platform.

Spotify is not the only streaming service that is available in the market but here is the reason why we recommend Spotify. It does have ads but you can buy the premium version which is cheap to download and listen to add free music as much as you like.

The main reason why Spotify is being recommended is that it has a lot of odd casts which shows everything has been put into one place. Spotify also has a Windows-based app while on the other hand, Apple music requires iTunes and Google play music which will require the web.

LibreOffice: Office Suite

When you start using a system you might also want to put it for stuff like assignments and work projects. So to deal with the stuff you might need a tool and application to handle all those documents of yours.

If you are looking for such an application then this LibreOffice is the best one on the market which is free of cost. You can use this to work with your office files – like text documents, important presentations, or even looking over worksheets. Before this, you might have thought that Microsoft Office was your only go-to option, but in this day and age, this is not the case anymore.

If you are a Windows user it is a must for you to have LibreOffice. The beauty of it is that the software costs absolutely nothing and is as powerful as the Microsoft Office. All of Microsoft Office’s functionalities, you can now use through LibreOffice, without spending a dime. There are only a few minor differences between Microsoft and the LibreOffice, but they’re all overlooked once you spend some time with the software.

Sync Go Calendar

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had all your events and birthdays up-to-date in all of your systems? If you are looking to make this possible then sync Go calendar is the application that you should install. It will sync your Google calendar comma iCloud calendar on your system to help you check with all the events and to-do lists in a single glance that you never miss out on any important thing in your life or simple words it will remind you of the things that you forget. It has a feature which will allow you to check your calendar not only through mobile phone but also on your Windows system.

The feature that is supported here is called two-way synchronization. The events that you plan on your calendar will directly get uploaded automatically later when your internet is connected to the device. All the data that you save is very secure and is provided at a low cost. If you have any problem with the application then services are provided.


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