Flash Sale : CHUWI Hi10 Pro, a Windows + Android Tablet


A lot of manufacturers are trying to get in the tablet market now since the Smarthphone market is already flooded with some of the biggest competitors. CHUWI Hi10 Pro is one of such outcomes. It is a dual OS Tablet featuring both Windows and Android. Have a look below to get more idea about the tablet.


The Hi10  sports a plastic body enclosed in a aluminium alloy frame that is made by the special CNC process. It not just protects the tablet from falls but also increases the aesthetics of the tablet. The thin 8.5mm body of the Hi10 makes it lightweight weighing just 562g. Currently its only available in grey colour.


On the top, the tablet has the power button and a volume rocker. The side features a external TF card, a powerful USB 3.0 Type-C port that enables power charging and higher transmission speeds, a micro USB slot for connecting storage media. You even get a HDMI port for connecting the tablet to bigger displays.


Hi10 sports a 10.1 inch Full HD IPS display. It has 350 nits brightness that  makes it easier to read in the daylight when your are outside. 1080P resolution on a 10.1 inch display gives you sharper images and great viewing angles. The 2.0MP cameras on the front and back come handy in useful situations.


To cater the processing needs, the Hi10 is equipped with the advanced 14nm process Intel X5 Series Cherry Trail CPU that  is clocked at 1.44Ghz and with its burst technology goes upto 1.8Ghz. The onboard Intel GPU handles the graphics department. It has a massive 4GB RAM that boots multitasking performance and 64 gigs of internal storage that is expandable to 128GB via an external TF card


If you haven’t heard about Remix OS, you are gonna love it when you read about it. Remix OS for PC allows users to run Android applications on any compatible Intel-based PC. So you get the power of Windows 10 and a easy access to million of Android apps which you have always wanted to use on your PC.


The CHUWI Hi10 fuels on a massive 6500mAh battery supports up to 6-8 hours of normal usage. In case you are running low on battery, the Chuwi quick charging technology would fully charge the battery within 3-4 hours with a 5V/3A charger. For connectivity, it has WiFi and Bluetooth.

Currently this 2 in 1 ultrabook tablet is on flash sale on Gearbest for 170$, click here -> CHUWI Hi10 Pro to buy it.


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  1. Chuwi is the biggest fake company that I ever had any dealing with. When you buy their products they offer to stand behind it. They offer one year warranty on new equipment and also claim that they have a service/support department, these all turnout to be big bareface lies. I am encouraging anyone planning to buy any of their electronics not to. The problem is not the country, it is the company CHUWI.

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