Flyme 7 Stable Version Released and Meizu 16 Will Be Amazing


We believe that in couple days, many users of Meizu Smartphone have received the Flyme OS update tips, Flyme 7 stable version. Change in speed and experience to see what the system is updating. Is it worth the upgrade? The model used here is Meizu Note 5.

Received the updated version number is Flyme and its package size is 1.49GB, the overall update time is about 10 minutes, this update is probably. Visual changes, new icon design, colorful, delicate translucent; seamless dynamic coverage, smooth switching, consistent operation; immersive interactive experience, a bit slippery, are all that we want.

One Mind system memory scavenger, abnormal App reset mechanism, a key to release the memory power enhanced version, fingerprint unlock, gallery refresh, video playback, switch device and other scenes to accelerate the startup speed, user expect standby optimization, user-friendly eye protection, and night mode, also supported the night mode in the APP, etc, the updated Flyme 7 is still the Android 7.0 kernel.

From a half-day experience, the fingerprint unlocking speed is significantly improved, the information bubble and the notification bar are more beautiful, and the program is not open and there is no suspended animation and no response as in the previous version (time period, not tested. More), for the program to open the software, mostly used such as WeChat will have a WeChat name when sharing, will not cause the information to be wrong.

For the Meizu OS update, it is still relatively satisfied with the user, the release of Flyme believes that Meizu users can feel comfortable for a long time, while Meizu’s upcoming flagship Meizu 16 is on the way, let’s take a look at this novelty and find out what is the point of view, is it not our user’s preferred Smartphone?

Firstly the release time is probably around August. Will it be ahead of schedule, depending on the performance of competitors? we guess, because Apple’s new iPhone should be released in September, So Meizu’s new flagship should not go against Apple. MediaTek is really hurt Meizu, it is this processor problem, Meizu lost too many consumers, the new Meizu 16 will not let users disappointed, Snapdragon 845 and Snapdragon 710 must of.

Other parameters can be shared, that is, the front camera is not centered, and in the memory direction, there is also 8GB of RAM, we expect that its internal storage will be 64GB, and in comparison with the Xiaomi Mi 8 In the middle, Jack Wong the founder and CEO of Meizu also said that the feeling must be much better than the MI 8, because there is a stereo design, it will not use trendy Notch design, for 18:9, but the technical direction can not lag behind the Mi 8. Fingerprint under the screen is standard on the entire system.

At the same time many Meizu fans are still more concerned about the price, after all, the strength of competitiveness, the price of this Smartphone is still a big determinant, Meizu 16 will have less than 3000 yuan (equal to $453) with Snapdragon 845, it is expected that the high distribution is no more than 4000 yuan about $604).

Therefore, from the information that has been identified by Jack Wong, it can be seen that the camera of Meizu 16 should have been fixed, there will be no change, the latter should be the number of orders for this phone, but the Meizu last bad Experience, this feature is not very full of Meizu 16 models will not be very adequate stocking, Meizu Pro 7, Meizu 15 and 15 Plus performance is not satisfactory, Meizu 16 is not enough stocking is also understandable.

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Meizu mobile phone is most praised, or Meizu’s soul Flyme OS, now Flyme 7 came, mBack further will an evolution, small circles will be canceled, the new full-screen Smartphone interaction how to do better, we hope Meizu 16 will a satisfactory answer.

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