Flyme 8 Experience Version officially Launched Today: New UI Interface


Today Flyme 8 experience version officially launched, using the new Alive Design design concept, joined Aicy smart assistant, small window mode 2.0, game mode 4.0, One Mind 3.5, super night view 2.0 and other functions.

Users who have previously signed up for the Flyme 8 Experience Edition system should wait patiently for the system to push or enter the system update app to check for updates.

If users who have not signed up to participate in the trial version of the system need to update, please download them manually after downloading through the official website. Version type switching needs to clear the data. Be sure to do a data backup and store the backup data to a computer or other device.

Some update logs are as follows:

• visual design

  • New icon, minimalist design layered, simple but without losing details
  • Leave the line blank, erase the dividing line in the interface, and feel refreshed and lighter.
  • Sink globally, reduce system control position, and make operation easier

• Smart wallpaper

  • Live wallpaper with a smooth transition from the lock screen to desktop, interactive feedback, and dynamic change, seamless switching at night and night

• Dynamic experience

  • Optimize window dynamics, layered adaptive icons with rounded corners to make window dynamics more coherent
  • Upgrade the animation effects of charging, fingerprint recognition, voice, and other scenes to make visual effects more vital

• Sliding effect

  • Deeply optimize touch response speed, both smooth and smooth
  • Improve list scrolling speed model to simulate real inertia
  • Added list scrolling effect to give system flexibility
  • Update details: Click here.
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