Flyme 8 Trial Version Ready To Updated Again on June 16th


Flyme’s official Weibo released the news: “Yes, Flyme 8 Trial Version is updated again. More applications are adapted to game modes and support for custom input method toolbars.” And Meizu is attached to the back of the Weibo Community upgrade link. 

It is understood that the Flyme 8 trial version is Flyme beta, the file size is about 2.6GB (different models will have differences), the update process will take about 10 minutes. After the update, the game mode is adapted to Baidu / Douyin / Today’s headlines and other application games, and the experience is more in-depth. Sogou input method Meizu version supports the custom input method toolbar, the operation is freer.

At the same time, Flyme 8 trial version also fixes the phenomenon that some models use the gallery watermark to flashback; fix the phenomenon that the night mode does not take effect in some small window interfaces; solve the problem that the QQ applet game interface does not display the game assistant icon; solve the king Open the screen recording during the game and play the problem of serious screen recording noise.

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Solve the problem of slow clicking the WeChat voice/video floating window to enter the application interface. 16s Pro, 16Xs, 16s, 16X, 16th Plus, Note9, 16th, Note8, 16T, X8 users can download the Flyme 8 on the official website.


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