FoneDog Powermymac Review: A Tool for Mac Users to Free Up Storage Space


With the development of Mac technology, an increasing number of people study and work with it. However, just like other computer users, Mac users may also need to clean storage space now and so that they can make their Mac perform better. Thus, an awesome Mac cleaner toolkit freeing up Mac storage space is important for every Mac user.

Here comes a problem: which kind of Mac cleaner toolkit is good for Mac. If one downloads Mac cleaner randomly, his Mac might suffer from viruses attack, which might get his Mac worse. Therefore, here I highly recommended a third party Mac cleaner to you, that is FoneDog PowerMyMac—a tool for Mac users to free up storage space. Detailed information that why you should choose FoneDog Toolkit are as follows.

Why You Should Choose FoneDog PowerMyMac?

Generally speaking, FoneDog PowerMyMac is an all-in-one Mac cleaner toolkit clean up your Mac and release the precious disk space. It just not a kind of program that focuses on solving one or two problems, but a kind of powerful and integrated software makes optimization for your Mac with various kinds of helpful functions, including cleaning Mac, uninstalling APP, monitoring performance, keeping secret, unarchiving files, and spriting WiFi.

  • Cleaning Mac. PowerMyMac scans your Mac detailly. System garbage, photo garbage, out-of-date iTunes backup, and spam can be cleaned. Just one click and all the trash bins, like large and old files, will getaway. Importantly, duplicate files will be scanned, previewed and deleted.
  • Files are written to Microsoft NTFS Drives. FoneDog PowerMyMac helps you to break the boundaries of the macOS limitation for Windows volumes so that you can write, replicate, edit, erase files on Microsoft NTFS Drives.
  • Control Mac APP Easily. Just one click all applications will be scanned on your Mac and be managed. PowerMyMac will help to completely delete the applications you don’t need anymore without garbage files left.
  • Guarantee The Secret Of Your Files. The program can protect your personal information won’t be disclosed. All your private data can be encrypted via PowerMyMac. Meanwhile, you can hide files which you don’t want anybody to find them.

What Are the Three Features of FoneDog PowerMyMac?

After you have a general idea of the what is FoneDog PowerMyMac, now you must know how powerful its three modules are—Status, Cleaner, and Toolkit.


The first important modules are status, with which you can check your Mac statues while it’s performing. In this module, status contains three parts: CPU, Memory, and Disk. By default, the module will display you the performing status once you get into this module. Three circles represent the usage of your CPU, Memory, and Disk. Through observing the change of them, the program helps you to monitor the status of your Mac.


The second module of FoneDog PowerMyMac is Cleaner. As the name displays, it can help you to select and clean all the garbage or the files you don’t need. The wonderful point of this module is that it provides eight options for your Mac and you can selectively choose the files or folders you want to save and just clean those you don’t need anymore. FoneDog PowerMyMac toolkit is a time saver for Mac users because you just simply select and delete the files you don’t want.

Here are the eight options.

  1. System Junk
  2. iPhoto Junk
  3. Email Junk
  4. Similar Photo
  5. iTunes Junk
  6. Trash Bins
  7. Large& Old Files
  8. Duplicate Finder

With there eight options, you can easily and quickly find what you want to clean, and this module also helps you to delete your junk completely for its duplicate finder function.


The last module of PowerMyMac is a toolkit—a toolbox. More useful help in this module will be found. There are also eight options for you. Nevertheless, the eight options are eight functions for different issues in various fields. You are able to control your Mac easily with this module.

Here are the eight options:

  1. Uninstaller: uninstalls APP without files junk left.
  2. Maintenace: makes optimization for your Mac and speed it up.
  3. Privacy: protects your personal information and avoid the disclosure of your private data    from browsers.
  4. NTFS: helps to break the limitation of the macOS so that you can write, edit, and copy files on your Mac.
  5. Filemanger: This enables you to check the files detailly and delete them completely.
  6. Hide: enables you to hide and encrypt your files.
  7. Unarchiver: This helps you to compress or extract your files.
  8. WiFi: enables you to detect your WiFi password and username, and check the online speed and more related information.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that you need to free up your Mac storage space from time to time. FoneDog PowerMyMac is exactly an excellent Mac cleaner for you. After you finished reading the text, if you are lost in its magic functions please go to FoneDog’s official website and get further information. A more detailed guide about every function will be shown to you!


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