FuriBee F60 4K WiFi Action Camera design, features, review (Presale + Coupon)


Furibee just announced a new action camera, the Furibee F60, a sport cam that can be used for traveling, hiking, scuba diving or x-games like skateboarding, think on any! As usual Furibee comes with aggressive prices so this is the case again, this is the cheapest sport cam with UHD recording in the world, lets talk about it.


Constructed with materials, the Furibee F60 case is made from rubberized black plastic. It have been made from a classical design that remember us to the GoPro and thanks to the weather proof case, surely it looks alike. Thanks to this design the Furibee is compatible with all the accessories made for the gopro and the SjCams.


The Furibee F60 is capable to record UHD video @30fps thanks to 16mpx sensor from Ovnivision with 170° vision; also can shoot time-lapse, loop recording, slow-motion function and driving mode (can be used as a car DVR recorder) all this functions supported from the AllWinner Soc V3.


You can use the internal 2-inch screen display to watch the shoots you made or you can do this with the App for Android and iOs, just search and install “Xdv” in the app store, once installed it can be used to operate the Furibee F60 from distance.


We have something clear, this Sport Cam is a entry model from Furibee, but it can made decent photos and videos. The weather proof gives to the F60 scuba diving capabilities. For it price, this is an action camera for amateurs, those that just want to have fun.


The Furibee F60 comes fully loaded, in its box you will find the sport cam and a few accessories which you’l be able to go out and record all your adventures. At this moment is in presale at Gearbest, thanks to our coupon code: GBCE you are gonna grab this piece of tech for just $27.12 USD.

Start End Items (English) pro price Coupon Amount
2018/4/17 00:00 2018/04/23 F60 4K WiFi Waterproof Action Camera GBAPR148 26.99

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