Get HIMO C20 Folding Power Assist Electric Bicycle at €586.99 From TOMTOP


Tired of pedaling and coming to work in a wet T-shirt? Do you want to travel long distances and not strain too much? Then you should pay attention to the new HIMO C20 Electric Power Bicycle. This electric bike is constructed from aluminum alloy, strong enough to support a maximum user weight of 100kg. The bike features a 250W powerful motor, 25km/h max speed, a shiman0 shifting system, and a double braking system. With a collapsible design, this electric bike is very convenient for commuting.

HIMO C20 has an informative screen to see the data of the remaining battery and the speed and distance we have traveled. The HIMO C20 comes with a weight of 21.1 kg. And dimensions have dimensions of 1470 x 610 x 1060 millimeters. It has an aluminum chassis in which its folding handlebar stands out, which allows us to store it with almost no space.

Xiaomi HIMO C20 is a foldable E-bike that has a design with an innovative in-line battery compartment, which is inside the frame. The handles of the bike are foldable which allows for easy parking. This E-bike comes with three different riding modes. It supports both human and electric power for ensuring a smooth ride. You can make use of the electric mode for daily commuting purposes, whereas the human power or electric assist can be used during exercising or to enjoy a pleasant ride. You can switch between the modes quickly by using the digital display on the handlebars and see information regarding battery status, and the distance covered.

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It features a 6-speed Shimano shifting system with which you can adjust the riding speed rapidly. The battery takes 6 hours to charge completely and offers an electric moped mileage of more than 80 KM. The inflatable tires used in the E-bike have low resistance and firm grip. You can easily fill the air by using the portable hidden pump in the tube of the saddle.

The battery of the HIMO C20 is removable and rechargeable that by itself has a weight of 2.5 kg. It takes 6 hours to charge and has splash protection, as it has IPX5 certification. With the Xiaomi HIMO C20, we will have front LED lighting and also has a Shimano gearshift. And a resistance that allows loading up to 100 kilos.

Whether you are looking for an electric bike for the daily commute or exercising, the HIMO C20 E-bike from Xiaomi offers a great riding experience. With its three different riding modes, you can choose any one depending upon your convenience. And with the high mileage that it has to offer, you can travel long distances without any difficulties. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €586.99 in Flash Sale, and Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping


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