Get Jumper MX3 : A mini Windows 10 Pocket Pc at a discount with our Coupon


We rarely get to see any Mini PC’s. Mini PC is a compact version of your PC designed to be portable and ultra light compared to the normal PCs. Today we have with us the MX3, a Pocket PC from Jumper.  We have a good news for our readers. Use our coupon code IGEEKMX3 and get the Jumper MX3 for 349.98$ which otherwise will cost you 366.81$. So lets get straight down to its features.


With the evolution of the computing world, every new device seems to be smaller and faster from its predecessors. First we had those bulky PCs then came the portable version of PCs, the Laptop and the we saw the mini Desktops which look like little brothers of the Normal desktops & today we have those unbelievably compact Pocket PC that can be carried anywhere with such an ease. When compared to the normal Desktop PC’s,  the MX3 is extra silent and consumes 4 times less power.

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Measuring 11.60 x 11.20 x 5.10 cm, the Jumper MX3 weights just 400gms making it lighter even than a laptop. On the tougher side, it comes in a metal casing with the glossy black plastic covering the top. On the front, it bears 2 X USB3.0 ports, a MIC-IN/OP port. The back features a HDMI port to connect to the desktop, a RJ45 LAN port and 2 X USB2.0 slots. There’s an additional Display Port( DP) too.


The Jumper MX3 comes with a 4th Gen Intel Core i7 processor that does all the processing jobs exceptionally. It packs a 4GB RAM that ensures your PC stays out of lag and comes with 500GBs of storage. You dont get to see such configuration with some Laptops priced even higher than the MX3.


You can carry around the MX3 in your bag plug in your tablet with a HDMI Port and enjoy your portable Windows 10 PC anywhere, anytime. Mx3 doesnt limit itself to just this. It supports Dual Digital Output , that means you can connect the MX3 to more than 1 display and create extended display.


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