Get Lixada 30M Drain Pipe Sewer Inspection Camera at $226.67 From CAFAGO


If portability is a major concern and you want to assess a job without needing to have your crew with you, a video inspection camera could be a wise investment. Lixada 30M Drain Pipe Sewer Inspection Cameras are widely used by plumbers, contractors, engineers, home inspectors, municipal workers, and other professionals for inspecting areas that are hard to see.  It comes with a fully padded case which stores all kits for easy transport and use. It eliminates the need of tearing drywall to locate leaks and helps to solve pipe problems.

Lixada 30M Drain Pipe Sewer Inspection Camera Built-in 7-inch LCD color screen, It supports remote control for the monitor and 4500mAh rechargeable lithium battery and provides up to about 8 hours of continuous working time. Drain & pipe pipeline cameras can be used in underwater cameras, waterproof miniature camcorders, motor vehicle inspection, sewer pipeline inspection, line detection, home appliance maintenance, search and rescue, archaeological finds, drilling industry, Construction, etc.

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The Lixada 30M Drain Pipe Sewer Inspection Camera’s diameter measures 0.9inch (23mm) with waterproof stainless steel housing. It is suitable for sewer pipes at 1 – 8 inches (25 – 200mm), and it super flexible spring at the length of 4.7-inch/120mm, easy inspection through the pipe. Pipe endoscope inspection has 12pcs High Light Adjustable LED light, Easily view live video and photos. Especially in those hard-to-reach places that may not be easily visible. This waterproof video pipe inspection camera is equipped with a DVR recording function. It can support the external SD card. The control box has a video output port, you can use the AV cable to connect to the display device; through the zoom in and zoom out function on the control box, it is easier to check. Provides great convenience.

The Lixada 30M Drain Pipe Sewer Inspection Camera equipment has wide view support and definitely clear image and video. With the IP68 waterproof, reliable cable, the pipe camera can work in any underground narrow environment. The 1000TVL endoscope camera, it’s a super clear video recording performance. The sewer camera can easily view live video and supports recording definitely clear videos at any time and anywhere. What’s more, the drain inspection camera with 140°viewing angle makes you can easily check and it includes a sun visor; that allows the screen to be clearly visible even in sunlight. It is a must-have for any homeowner, contractor, and even professional plumber! You can buy Lixada 30M Drain Pipe Sewer Inspection Camera from CAFAGO at $226.67 in Flash Sale with Free shipping from Germany Warehouse.


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