Get MIDIPLUS Miniengine USB MIDI Sound Module at $79.99 From TOMTOP


MIDIPLUS Miniengine USB MIDI Sound Module is so small and smart that you can take it in hand or place it in your pocket. A small and exquisite appearance will make you enjoy yourself well. Although spider is small all-sided, convenient at the same time, it offers 128 standard GM tones and effector.

Through the MIDI, you can get the beautiful melody with reverberation and chorus by yourself. supports all the MIDI devices with the MIDI OUT JACK. Now, connecting the MIDIPLUS Miniengine device and with the cable and start your musical journey. The display and controls are straightforward and simple; as the manufacturer seems to have developed it with sound module novices in mind. We think that the small size of the miniEngine could be great for musicians; who will be taking their sound module to and from a music class, practice space, or gigs.

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We also found that the MIDIPLUS Miniengine weighed a bit more than other compact devices; at just over three pounds, but this weight is unlikely to prevent most buyers from being able to transport the miniEngine. The price and size necessarily limit the number of instrument tones this module offers; so the MIDIPLUS Miniengine may not appeal to experienced producers; who want hundreds of tones and effects or require unusual instruments. We also felt some of the instruments; like the guitars, brass instruments, and woodwinds had lower-quality sound, which detracted from our evaluation of this module.

The MIDIPLUS Miniengine USB MIDI Sound Module is one of the more affordable sound module options that exist. This device tends to be low-cost, which could make it a possible option for musicians; who are on a budget, or who want to start learning about using sound modules; without spending a large amount of money. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $79.99 with Free Shipping


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