Get Xiaomi Mi Mijia Robot Vacuum Mop 3C at $219.99 From CAFAGO in Flash Sale


Xiaomi Mi Mijia Robot Vacuum Mop 3C (B106CN) is a robot vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function and a brushless motor with a power of up to 4000 Ra. The main brush with fibers 0.1 mm thick is used to capture debris. Cleaning of corners and other hard-to-reach places is carried out with a side six-beam brush. Uses LDS laser navigation. The Mi Home app will help you set up a cleaning schedule and control the operation of the robot vacuum cleaner.

The design of the Xiaomi Mi Mijia Robot Vacuum Mop 3C provides for the presence of a water tank. The microfiber nozzle with an antibacterial coating does an excellent job of washing any dirt. Through the application on the phone, you can choose one of three levels of water intensity. The device moves along an S- and Y-shaped trajectory, simulating manual washing, which ensures its passage over the entire area of ​​​​the room. Thanks to the brushless motor, the suction power can reach 4000 Pa. This power is enough to pick up even sticky debris. Xiaomi Mijia 3C Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner has an LDS laser navigation system that scans the space around it at 360 °. To prevent collision with obstacles, the device received several sensors.

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The built-in laser sensor allows the robot cleaner to recognize its charger and locate it on a map of your apartment. As soon as the vacuum cleaner completes the cleaning process, it will automatically return to charging. If during cleaning the battery level drops to 20%, the Xiaomi Mi Mijia Robot Vacuum Mop 3C will also return to the charger, and after replenishing the energy supply, it will continue cleaning from the same place. When using the Mi Home application, it is possible to select the suction power for dry cleaning (4 levels) and the intensity of water supply – for wet cleaning (3 levels). Also available is the function of selecting a local area for cleaning, working time, and determining a starting point. There is an option to sync with smart home devices.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Robot Vacuum Mop 3C comes with an LDS laser navigation system. It scans the room 360° at a distance of up to 8 m at a frequency of 2000 times per second; providing accurate mapping and safe movement. Management is done through the application, where you can set up a cleaning schedule, view progress; select a cleaning mode, and much more. Built-in sensors prevent the robot from colliding with furniture and protect against falling from a height. The microfiber head with antibacterial coating; combined with an intelligent water supply, allows the robot to perfectly cope with washing any dirt. Through the application on the phone, you can choose one of 3 levels of water intensity. You can buy Xiaomi Mi Mijia Robot Vacuum Mop 3C (B106CN) from CAFAGO at $219.99 in Flash Sale with Free shipping from Germany Warehouse.


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