Get Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer at $63.99/€53.17 From WiiBuying (Coupon)


Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer will allow you to print the photos you need, which will stay with you for a while even if the digital version is accidentally lost. The device can be carried with you due to its compactness as it takes up less space than your smartphone. This printer incorporates Zink printing technology, which impregnates the photo paper with a crystalline substance that heats up in the device during printing and becomes amorphous, after which the desired image appears on the photo paper.

The Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer has a minimalist design with deep white color. Thanks to the built-in 500 mAh battery and its high compactness, it is convenient to transport it in a small bag or pocket. Thus, you can print photos for yourself, friends, and family anytime, anywhere. The Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer supports the MiHome application, in which you can select the appropriate template for your photo. Thus, you can print a photo for documents in just a few minutes. At the same time, there are special signs in the photographs that will facilitate cutting.

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Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer has a special compartment for 10 sheets of 2 “x 3” paper. The device prints 1 sheet of paper in just 45 seconds and does not require ink. At the same time, the printer supports JPEG, PNG file formats and is able to communicate via Bluetooth with 3 devices at once. Pocket photo printer uses state-of-the-art ZINK printing technology. The printed material is saturated with a special crystalline substance, which, after heating, turns into an amorphous state. The result is a beautiful picture on paper.

The Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer will ensure that the most precious moments of your life are never lost. With it, you can easily print pictures from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Moreover, you can connect to the printer remotely and transfer pictures to paper using the WeChat messenger. We can buy it from WiiBuying at $63.99/€53.17 by using Coupon code: WIIMPPPR for Limited Time.


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