Get Xiaomi Mijia MWC10 Outdoor Camera at €55.82 From CAFAGO In Flash Sale


The Xiaomi Mijia MWC10 Outdoor Camera is powered by a built-in battery, which eliminates the need for wiring. The camera can be installed both outside and inside. The gateway improves the stability of the network signal during remote data transmission and also reduces the power consumption of the camera. The MicroSD card allows you to save the footage. The camera is equipped with a 5700 mAh lithium battery. One battery charge is enough for the camera to work for 90 days. The camera has a degree of protection IP65. Thus, the camera is not afraid of dust or water.

The Intelligent Human Detection feature reduces false alarms caused by the movement of birds and pets or natural phenomena. Xiaomi Mijia MWC10 Outdoor Camera is in the power-saving mode most of the time. The motion sensor detects the movement of objects emitting infrared signals (the detection range is 10 m.). The camera can record video and if the sensor is triggered, the camera will immediately send an alarm message to your mobile phone. No fear of high and low temperatures. Adapt to different temperatures, stable and reliable operation. It can operate normally in an environment of -20℃ to 50℃*, endure the heat and cold, and guard outdoor safety in all seasons.

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The body adopts an anti-theft screw structure and a built-in gyroscope, When the fuselage is detected to be abnormal, the warning information will be sent to the mobile phone in time *safety information will be known immediately. With a new generation of H.265 video encoding technology, it saves video storage space. Under the same network conditions, the connection is more stable and the screen viewing is smoother. Perceive temperature changes and object movements within 7m, start recording immediately, and push alarms. Intelligent detection of human contours, and through cloud AI face recognition technology, it can judge acquaintances and strangers and give effective alarms.

You can monitor what is happening remotely from your mobile phone at any time. It will be possible to see who came; follow the situation in the garage, and also find out what the child is doing. The Xiaomi Mijia MWC10 Outdoor Camera supports microSD memory cards. When the memory card is full, old files will be automatically deleted to record new ones (the camera will record to the card only when the motion sensor is triggered). You can buy it from CAFAGO at €55.82 with Free shipping from Germany Warehouse.


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