Goodbye Expensive Consoles! These Mobile Games Are Just As Amazing And Entertaining


Xboxes and Play Stations are pretty much every gamers’ dream. However, most gaming consoles are expensive. What’s worse? Even if you collect all your savings and buy one of those consoles, you still need game CDs to use on them that are also on the costlier side.

It’s the game that you want to enjoy, not the consol. As long as you have quality alternatives that are almost always free of cost and accessible to anyone with a smartphone, why bother spending tens of thousands of money.

Games That Are Just As Good

The following are mobile games that have advanced features much like most console games. Some of them are mobile versions of console games as well.


This mobile version of the ludo championship is the most fun way to spend time with your friends. Almost everyone has spent their childhood playing this game, and even if you haven’t, it is so simple, you could master it in a single game.

Each game can have up to four players. Each of the players will have four tokens which they have to get to safety before anyone else to win the game. You can start moving after you have rolled your first six on the dice.

The real fun is in chasing your rivals’ tokens and trying to send them back to where they started. You can play with your friends even if they are far from you. Grab your friends and have a go at it with the ludo game download and you will realise how addictive it is.

Tennis Clash

If you love playing or even watching tennis, this is the game for you. This mobile version has next-generation graphics and is very simple to play.

There are different levels in the game, allowing you to play for fun or to master your skills and beat your friend online. You can practice with amateurs and slowly level up to semi-pro and finally to pro tennis players.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Car racing gives you an adrenaline rush not just in real life, but also in video games. Asphalt has always been the racing game with epic locations and real hypercars, making it ideal for racing lovers.

You can customise your vehicle and have up to 7 friends competing with you in this. Asphalt 8 is still updated regularly, but you can take it up a notch with Asphalt 9.


Do you miss going out and playing football with your friends? If you do, this is your alternative. This mobile version of the gaming console one is just as good. Like most other online games, you can play against your friends far from you as well.

The live update feature gets data from real-life matches happening around the world and is implemented into the game, creating an authentic feel.

FIFA Football

The go-to football game for any ultimate football fan. FIFA has also added in the feature to play head to head with your friends, making the game way more personal.

You can build your team and end up creating the ideal team with the best chemistry. You can also choose players who are currently active and even legends from the hall of fame.

Real Cricket 20

A sports game list will not be complete without mentioning India’s favourite sport, cricket. This game not only allows you to go head to head against your friend but for the first time in a mobile game, it lets you team up with your friends or even random players.

If playing against your friend gets too harsh, you can team up with them and play against AI instead.

Garena Free Fire

To every Indian who misses PUBG, this game is nothing less than a treat. This shooter game pits you against 49 others, all trying to be the last man/team standing. You can search for weapons in the play zone, kill everybody else and dodge bullets from others.

It takes skill and time to master this, but once you do, there is no turning back.


One of the most purchased games for any console gamer is now specifically designed for mobiles as well. In the multiplayer feature, you can text and voice chat with your co-players, making the experience more authentic.

This free mobile shooter game will definitely put your expensive console to shame.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is an animated action game. You and your friends can join a clan or create your own, build your village as you go, and fight other clans in the game. You can also improve by playing in the Clan War Leagues.

Among Us

An action mystery game, Among Us, is one of the newest, most thrilling games available for mobile gamers. The general goal is to complete the task provided to your group (a group of at least four and up to 10).

However, there is a catch. One or more among you will be imposters who will either kill you or get you killed.

Depending on the skill of the imposter, they can kill the others themselves before anyone figures out they are the imposters or they can sabotage other tasks and get others to vote them out.

The game largely depends on your skill to lie and be discreet if you are an imposter or be the Sherlock Holmes of the group to find out the imposter.


Your favourite UFC players can now be trained by you. Each player has their own special finishing moves.

Control them and fight your avatars against the best in the ring and feel the ecstasy from winning. This game is ideal for anyone who grew up watching professional wrestling shows.

Switch to Mobile Games and Save Money

With a game list as amazing as this, why spend thousands on consoles. These games on your mobile are all highly advanced in graphics. They are also quite simple to learn and can be played from anywhere in the world.

Most of these games have different levels in them, allowing you to practice starting from the beginner level and move on to become a pro after you have mastered the game.

Now that most of you are isolated from your friends, the games that allow online multiplayer are ideal for anyone who misses spending quality time with your loved ones.


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