Google Pixel 3 XL Real Phone Photos, Panda Color Style


Google has been steadily developing its own smartphone brand, and it is difficult to grab the market from the hands of companies such as Samsung and Huawei. After giving up Nexus, Pixel became another new attempt to open the market. As the latest flagship phone, the Pixel 3 series has exposed a lot of spy photos, hands-on and even out of the box video, and even the white version of the Pixel 3 XL has been exposed.

The recently exposed Google Pixel series of mobile phones are said to have a panda color style, this upcoming mobile phone white color real phone exposure. The spy photos brought by the big god evleaks are still very credible.

The white version of this exposure is Pixel 3 XL, which is a large screen version. From the picture, it is verified that Google insists on a separate rear camera. Instead of using the screen fingerprint design, it uses rear fingerprint recognition. Use the bangs screen. The white color is fairly good, but the plastic color of the back of the phone is relatively strong. I don’t know how the real thing is.

On the hardware side, according to previous exposures, Pixel 3 uses a 5.3-inch screen with 18:9 resolution, built-in 4GB RAM storage, and a battery capacity of 2915mAh. The XL version uses an 18.5:9 ratio screen with a size of 6.7 inches. 4GB RAM and 3430mAh capacity battery. They all use the Snapdragon 845 processor. Both adopt front-mounted dual-camera design, both of which are 8MP. The specific parameters of the rear camera need to be further revealed.

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As everyone knows, Google will announce the Pixel 3 series of mobile phones on October 9. Now that there is suspense, the price remains.


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