Google Pixel 4: Remote Browsing, Face Unlock, Company Already Presents New Features


When Google showed us the external aspect of the future Pixel 4, we could see how its back would have several cameras and a square frame that would house them. But another of its great secrets would hide in the front of the device since many rumors have pointed to the incorporation of a facial recognition and gesture system that could be the terminal’s great attraction. Well, Google has taught us.

Through a video and an article on the official Google blog, the company wanted to show the world how the most striking technology of its next terminal will work. With the name of Soli, the technology will be based on a radar-type motion sensor that will detect movements and objects that are in front of the device.

This sensor will accompany many other sensors that will be found on the front of the device, such as the front camera, the infrared sensor for facial unlocking, the proximity and brightness sensor, and the spot projector. It is a string of sensors that is quite reminiscent of those of the iPhone X, although,in the case of Google, enough attention will be paid to the use of gestures to operate the device without touching it.

Google talks about changing songs, silencing a call or turning off an alarm with just a gesture, although it ensures that there will be many other functions available. Of course, something that catches our attention is that they specify that the motion sensor system “may not be available in all Pixel countries.”

It is somewhat less suspicious, but everything could make sense if technology were only available on one model (Pixel 4 XL, for example) and that version did not reach all markets. We’ll see how this all ends.

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