Google Pixel 5 Concept With a Beautiful Full Screen Design


Google Pixel 4 has launched and recently the idea of ​​Google Pixel 5 was created by designer About Kelvin from Concept-Phones, with great beauty and many technologies attached. We may continue to be disappointed with the Pixel 4, the flagship expected to be released in October of this year. However, temporarily put aside for the shape design, as well as the configuration and camera on the device. Inviting you to the idea of Google Pixel 5 completely different.

Specifically, this concept was created by designer Kelvin (Concept-Phones). The main highlight is that Google Pixel 5 no longer has ugly square camera clusters, instead of a unique sliding system. In terms of shape, you can think of the Nexus series that Google and LG developed earlier, but instead of the thick black border, the screen on the Pixel 5 is infinity.

There is no bezel on the Pixel 5 because the two edges are softly beveled, similar to some products from Samsung’s or Huawei’s flagship. Also, as I mentioned above, the main camera is hidden behind and the slider mechanism is very unique.

It is unclear how Google will use the mechanism, but it is clear that the design is very beautiful and Google Pixel 5 if coming next year, it will be one of the most beautiful smartphones in the world.

Because it’s just an idea, there aren’t many specs, as well as the launch date and price. According to Concept-Phones, the Google Pixel 5 will have a 6.7-inch QHD screen, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory, while all specifications for the front and back cameras are still unknown. So what do you think of this unique idea? Let’s discuss and share ideas below.

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