Google Voice Access Now Supports Four New Languages


When it comes to accessibility and making a user’s job easier, Google leaves no stones unturned. We got the first glimpse of Google Assistant in 2016 with the launch of Allo, our friendly bot that can search the web and make restaurant reservations with a voice command.

With time, it was updated and a lot of features was added, finally evolving it to Voice Access, available for Android only. The app is now finally ready for rolling out. Although it was previously possible to control your Android’s abilities by voice command, google voice accounts for sale  access takes this functionality to a whole new level.

How does Voice Access Work?
The app works by initiating tasks and placing numbers on the user’s screen which allow you to command the app regarding the starting point. You can change the settings by commanding voice access to control volume, turn Bluetooth on and off and once your task is completed, you can also turn off your device just by commanding.

Overall, the fact that makes Voice Access special is its intuitiveness. You can just ask the application to edit your text message and change any particular word. For example, you can change “Wednesday” to “tomorrow” after creating a text message that says “Lets set up the meeting tomorrow”. Similarly, if you want to delete anything, you can just say “delete the third line” or “delete ‘this’ word”. You can find the list of all the commands that work in Google Access just by saying “Show All Commands”.

What did Google Say?
Patrick Clary, Google’s Accessibility Team’s product manager states that after the recent update, Voice Access now offers more finely tuned control than any other voice control based applications that are available in the market. Using Google Access, you can also tap a button, navigate across multiple screens and scroll across the app just by using voice command.

What is the New Feature and Who is Benefited by the App?
In the new update, Google Voice Access now supports voice commands stated using Italian, Spanish, German and French. In case you would like to revert the new update and go back to older version then you can do so by downloading older version APK file and install it. The settings have been activated also to control voice access when you are on a phone call. For devices with notches, it also improves accessibility. The update is small but at least people can use it now in the languages that they speak.

According to Clary, individuals who are physically challenged because of arthritis, paralysis or Parkinson’s disease will find the app a lot helpful. In the US, more than 50 million people are affected by some kind of mobility impairment. Voice access makes their life a lot easier. It is also useful for people who are having their hands full and have to receive a call or search for some information all of a sudden.

Voice Access is free of cost and globally available. If you don’t have it on your device, you can download the app from Google Play Store or you can also install the APK by downloading it from a third party app store like APKMirror. Let us know in the comments your favorite moment while using Google Voice Access.


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