Google Voice Accounts and its importance for having safe communication


Google Voice is one of the best cloud-based phone systems in the world. It offers an impressive list of services at a reasonable price and the ability to keep your personal or business phone with you everywhere.

You may wonder that google voice isn’t the best option for your mobile phone but when you are looking for an affordable and safe communication way, then google voice account may come to the top of the page.

If you are looking to know how does google voice account work then you are in the right place. In this article, you will be able to know how does google voice account work so that you can operate your google voice account correctly.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a VoIP phone service created in 2009. Google voice is an affordable way to make safe and secure communication medium. You can make phone calls at an affordable price and send SMS. You can also use it to manage all your calls from the phone, transferring calls from one number to another.

Google voice is an online-based VoIP service that doesn’t work offline. So that you can’t make any phone call or send an SMS if you are not online. But you can make your phone call and send SMS if you have an internet connection. You can make it from wherever you are are just require a stable internet connection.

How Google Voice Works

Google voice accounts are connected to Google Voice PSTN, a wired stationary network, and a mobile network for calls. Any call via Google Voice must be made via PSTN. The call is sent to Google’s servers, where the numbers are collected.

For example, suppose the call was sent to another Google Voice number. This number is assigned to a Google number, and from there, the call will be forwarded to its final destination.

The main goal of Google Voice is to integrate communication channels instead of saving costs. So, you can easily change the mobile operator without changing the phone number, because any number can make a phone call through an operator. If the original phone number changes, simply change the number of your calls, which is at your discretion and easy to make.

How to set up Google Voice Accounts Properly?

Here are the easier ways of setting up google voice accounts properly. So, if you are a new google voice user, these straightforward guidelines will help you set up your google voice account.

  1. Goto, and click on the option “Get Google Voice” and log in with your Gmail account/google account to begin the Google voice setup process.
  2. You can subscribe to your iPhone or Android device, but choose the web subscription for the purpose of this guide.
  3. Then you will be redirected to the terms and services page and from here click “Continue” to go to the page where you can find or choose a google phone number for you.
  4. From the Options menu, select Select when you find your winner and check your current number.
  5. This section is to verify your google voice number. Please note that the number you enter here is the first line you will use to transfer a call to a Google Voice number.
  6. Once you enter your phone number by clicking the verify button, Google will send you a code to access Google Voice. Get this code and enter it here. Click Verify.
  7. Once we have verified your phone number, Google will ask you to click the complaint to verify the number officially. Do it, and you will be ready.

How to get bulk google voice accounts?

Creating a google voice account for your personal purposes is not a tough thing. You just need to go through some straightforward process. But, if you need bulk google voice accounts for your business or industrial purposes, you will need bulk google voice accounts. Though creating google voice accounts not so tough thing but creating bulk google voice account is a somewhat tough and long time process. Sometimes, it’s a little boring.

So, the easiest way to get bulk google voice accounts is purchasing google voice accounts from trusted sellers such as BulkPVAservices. They provide bulk google voice accounts for sale. All of their accounts are created from unique IP and manually.

Important features of Google Voice accounts

  • A Google forwarding number for all user phones
  • Limited free calls and text messages in the United States and Canada, up to three hours apart
  • Call international phone numbers from 0.01 per minute [51]
  • Call verification. Announce calls based on your number or request automatic detection of banned numbers
  • Record a voice message to someone before receiving a call (press 2 to answer, * “to receive”)
  • Block calls from specific numbers
  • Block calls from numbers marked as Google Telemarket
  • Send, receive and store SMS / MMS messages in the Internet Store
  • Answer incoming calls on any configured phone
  • Personal greetings based on phone numbers.
  • Download transfer message or voice mail

Google Voice iPhone vs. Google Voice Android

The Google Voice iPhone app allows users to manage their Google Voice account and voicemail settings from their iPhone, but the Google Voice iPhone app has a lower rating.

Google Voice Rate

In the United States, Google Voice users can make outgoing calls to domestic and international destinations by dialling the Google Voice mobile application, the Google Voice web application, or the Google Voice phone number.

Google Voice calls in the United States and Canada overseas and abroad are free from the United States and Canada and from 0.01 per minute from other countries.

International Google Voice prices vary: Google Voice’s official pricing page provides precise details.


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