Hang LED Lights Correctly: Guide to Help Your Plants Grow


The use of LED grow lights has proven to be effective. Thanks to them, any gardener can get an excellent harvest even in those regions where natural sunlight is not enough for full plant growth. Depending on the number of bushes you have, you can purchase a large 1200 or even 2000W device or opt for a compact 100 and 150W LED grow light. In this article, you will learn how to hang a lighting appliance properly and what factors should be considered.


It is essential to correctly calculate the distance from lamps to the plants’ top; otherwise, you may burn the leaves by hanging them too close or not get the desired effect by placing them too high. First of all, you should build on the power of the picked device. The higher the wattage and the more diodes, the more bushes the lamp can light and the farther from the plants it should be hung. For example, a 150-200W device should not be positioned lower than 12-24 inches above the crown. In comparison, a 1000W product can be mounted at the height of about 35 inches.


Besides, you should consider the stages of plant growth. If you still only have seedlings, they will receive enough light from 25-30 inches. However, as plants develop, they need more light for photosynthesis, so the lamps should be lowered to 10 inches. For example, cannabis bushes don’t need much light during the flowering and bud formation stage, so LED lamps can be raised 24 inches from the top.


When placing plants and lighting, keep in mind that you will need to change the height from time to time, so you should have a margin of distance to the ceiling. Also, do not forget that the lamps should not interfere with watering the plants. Drops of water should not get on lighting devices as moisture will quickly disable them. Although, modern manufacturers produce water-resistant lamps that can withstand minor liquid ingress.


The light should fall on the plants from above and the side. The appropriate angle of distribution of rays for LED lamps is 120°. In this case, the most effective is the middle part of a light beam; the indicator decreases towards the edges. Therefore, it is desirable that you put devices so that the light rays are overlapped.

Ideally, there should be one lamp for each pot or bush. If you bought a large and powerful appliance, make sure the plants around the edges have enough light. If it is not enough, you’d better buy a second lamp. Experts recommend installing a reflective screen around the lighting area. It will allow the plants to receive more light as it will not be scattered around the room.

Take Proper Care of Your Plants

You should choose the exact LED lights height depending on the specific species and their need for artificial lighting. It is important to monitor the leaves and trunks carefully to identify the signs of “burns” in time and adjust the devices accordingly. While LED lights usually don’t generate enough heat to burn cannabis and other plants quickly, they can still overheat them. If you notice yellow or white spots on the crown, increase the device’s distance to the top.


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