Have you ever felt the agony of dealing with organizing your cables? We all have been through trying to find some space to plug in 3 to 5 cables of your phone, laptop, tablet, smart watch, earphones and many more… Fortunately, the emerging technology of wireless chargers are here to save the day.

We all experienced the annoying problems that come with regular charges. For starters, every time you plug them in and out you are damaging both your cable and your phone. You scratch the case, damage the wires, so on and so forth. On top of that, cables always end up getting frayed. Just think about all the cables you have broken so far. And these things cost a lot of money.

After replacing your chargers, you immediately face another problem: Space. How are you going to find a space to plugin all your devices at the same time? You need about 3-4 sockets just for your own devices, so what to do about the rest of your family? So you get an extension to put them on, and now you are spreading around a pile of wires and a huge cable multiplier.

Besides that, how are you going to charge them when you are outside? You certainly wouldn’t want to be a burden to every single one of your hosts, right? Isn’t there a solution to all this? Well, yes there is. Just think about it, what was the latest development that’s been made concerning cables? And I am not talking about different plug types, I’m talking about the actual cables. Well, recently there has been a huge development which can solve all your problems when it comes to cables and it is time for you to upgrade your charger in 2021!

What is the solution?

As of 2021, most tech companies are now switching to wireless chargers. So what are the advantages of a wireless charger, you might ask. First of all, you shall no more waste time with sticking in your cables and damage your phone or scratch its case, just place your device on top of the platform and it immediately starts charging! With a wireless charger, you can solve all your problems caused by wires; you only need a single plug, you can charge all your devices on one platform, and on top of that, it looks so elegant and stylish to be sitting on your table. Who would want a pile of wires around anyways? Just make sure that it has a Qi certificate.

What are Qi-certified wireless chargers?

Qi basically means that your wireless charger is safe and efficient. It is a standard which your choice of a wireless charger must maintain, if you want to experience all the benefits of having a wireless charger. Qi certification is given by the Wireless Power Consumption (WPC) and it standardize wireless chargers for every device you can have.

How does wireless chargers work?

Qi certified wireless chargers provide your phone with magnetic resonance as well as magnetic induction. Phones and other devices which are eligible with wireless chargers, convert these magnetic fields into electricity by using a coil. Hence, the wireless charge for your battery. So what could be some possible problems that this technology might cause to you or your phone?

What does Qi Protect you from?

Cooking Up Your Device: It is quite obvious how that can be a problem. With a wireless charger you are putting your phone on top of a wireless charging platform. Some of the cheap and unreliable chargers heat up way too much and overheat your phone’s battery. And as an obvious advice: do not overheat your phone! It can cause serious damage to your phone and even start a fire. That’s where the Qi-certified chargers come in. The quality standard guarantees that your charger will maintain a certain temperature. So make sure you invest in a Qi-certified charger, so you don’t have to worry about your phone being roasted by the overwhelming heat.

Overcharging Your Phone: So we all know about the troubles of overcharging. It’s usually bad for your battery longevity, but it can also lead up to your phone being damaged entirely. So how does it work? Now, inside an average phone there is a thing called voltage limiter. As you can deduce by the name, it limits the voltage that your charger sends out to your battery. But as we talked about before, your wireless charger works with a coil. So to prevent this, Qi-certified phone wireless chargers have a built-in voltage-limiter which makes sure that your phone battery won’t get overloaded.

If you want to invest in a Qi-certified wireless charger that can hold both your phone, smart watch and your earphones all at the same time, search no other chargers then JUST IN CASE’s 3-in-1 Wireless Charger.

The minimalistic design of the Wireless Charger, allows you to charge all your devices which you go out with at the same time without taking much space on your desk/nightstand. All while your phone still has its case on.

It is a Qi-certified charger so you can expect all the benefits that come with investing in a wireless charger like safe use, fast charging speed and multi-tasking. Speaking of fast charging, it charges your phone 4 TIMES FASTER than your average wireless charger. Luckily  JUST IN CASE offers a limited-time discount for its first time customers, check out the website JUST IN CASE you’d like to learn more!

In summary, investing in a wireless charger can,

  1. Provide you with fast charging speed,
  2. Eliminates the use of wires and declutters your desk/nightstand,
  3. Charges 3 devices simultaneously, 
  4. Allows you to charge fast without plugging in a cable to your device,
  5. Creates a safe charging environment for you and your phone,
  6. Elegant look with a wireless charging dock,
  7. Charges your phones while its cover is on!

As you can see, cables are buried deep. We don’t need them anymore. Times have changed as the future went by. It is time to upgrade to a wireless charger.

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