Hellopro VA2 3D Virtual Reality Headset for $15


As you guys know there is a Mega Sale going on, on Gearbest where products are flying around at unbelievably discounted rates, well as you know we bring you the latest launches in bugdet VR headset section, today we have Hellopro VA2 3D for you.


The Hellopro VA2 3D VR Headset is made up of ABS material making it flexible and fall proof, plus it has an adjustable head strap that is used to wear the headset comfortably around your head. The VR headset comes in all black colour and has rather unique feature to avoid fogging of the lenses of headset.


According to Hellopro the design is made to tackle the fogging issue of the lenses, which is common in many of  the VR headsets and can lead an unsatisfactory VR experience, hence Hellopro has smartly taken care of this issue which a unique design.


The VR headset has a rather wide FOV of about 100 to 120 degrees, giving you a home theatre feeling depending upon the smartphone used. The panoramic views can be enjoyed by any one, even with myopia by using the adjusting knobs to change the IPD (Inter Pupilary Distance) and adjustable blinder. The main attraction of this VR should be its irresistable price of $15 only. You can get Hellopro VA2 3D VR here.


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