Here’s how you can write headlines that gain instant clicks!


It’s been noticed that people tend to read headlines more than they read the actual content copy. Whether you are writing a blog post, or writing an important promotional email for your customers, it’s necessary that you pick the correct headline.

On an average, about eight people out of ten read the headline, while only two people bother to read the entire copy. 

Why are catchy headlines so necessary for your business?

  • As the headline is the first thing your readers see, it’s the best way to gain their attention from the beginning and get them interested in what you have written.
  • Headlines drafted after keyword research are likely to improve your search engine result ranking online.
  • A good headline sets you up for success as it clearly showcases the motto of the content you have written.

How to write headlines that gain instant attention?

Now that we have talked a little about why catchy headlines are so essential for your business, you might be curious about tips that will help you write some amazing headlines.

Let’s talk about some practical and simple tips that will enable you to write powerful headlines for any type of content you wish to publish :-

  1. Your headline has to be different from what’s already available online.

The thing about content is that it’s now really easy to copy from what is already present on the internet. Thus, it’s hard to find content that has something that makes it unique. When you are writing headlines, your goal is to be as unique as possible.

If you learn to put your brand’s image and goals in your headlines, it will be much easier for you to come up with titles that suit the content you are promoting. Customers will immediately adore your brand once they realise that you are not scared to take risks and use headlines that are in-line with your brand values.

  1. The headline has to be focused and specific based on the content topic.

Your headline is your one chance to convince the audience that you are offering something that they absolutely need. If the headline isn’t specific, you miss the chance to convey the importance of your content to the people over the internet that read it.

It’s essential to write a headline that showcases the benefits of the content to the readers and enable them to understand the necessity to read the post. Your target audience should know that the content is specifically for them by just reading the headline of your content. Keep that goal in mind when you draft the first couple of ideas for your content headline.

  1. Your headline should prove that your content is useful to the readers.

Let’s be honest, most readers won’t bother reading something that they know won’t benefit them in any way. Since viewers have to dedicate their time to read your post, they have to see some kind of use out of it. Otherwise they are most likely to abandon the content after reading the headline.

The process is not to create a headline out of fancy words and clever meanings, but it’s to make the readers believe that you have something that might benefit them. Know that if the readers find some use in your heading, they are sure to be interested and read everything you have covered in the post. So ensure that you let the readers know how useful you are to them through the headline.

  1. Make sure that the headline doesn’t drag on for a long time.

There’s no denying that customers love headlines that are short yet effective. If your headline has a ton of words and is confusing to understand, the readers are not going to continue reading the rest of the content.

Six words is the best length for any headline for any type of content which is something that most businesses think doesn’t matter much. But the reality is, the readers will exit out of the post if your headline is too long. Keep the principle of short yet sweet in your head while writing down headline ideas. The shorter yet meaningful it is, the more it will grab the attention of your potential customers.

  1. Never forget to add appropriate keywords in the headline you write.

As a content creator, you must already know the importance of keywords for search engine optimization and content marketing. Using the right keywords in the headline will allow you to climb higher into search results.

If you also want to know the secret behind writing eye-catching headlines, you need to understand the need to use keywords and how they help your business grow. You need to research to find keywords that your potential audience might be using to search something on the internet. That way, you can use these keywords into the headline and put your content up on the front pages of search results for your target audience.

  1. Last but not the least, always remember that your headline is for the readers to enjoy.

If you have already done a thorough market analysis, you must already know what your target audience is interested in finding out about. It’s essential that you keep that analysis in mind when you draft headlines.

If you know your audience well, you will be able to generate headlines that are sure to gain their attention instantly. Use your audience’s requirements, wishes, etc in mind and you are going to end up finding the most perfect headline for your content.

Conclusion :

In this article, we talked about some of the easiest ways to create headlines that gain clicks quickly. If you are dedicated enough and set aside a good amount of time, we are sure that these tips will allow you to generate good headlines every time.

If you have any doubts, you can always contact our search engine marketing experts to know more tips and tricks to improve your content marketing strategies! Just do your best to keep these points in mind for every headline you write and you will see the difference for yourself!


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