Honor Magic 3 Pro Review: A 50-Megapixel With 100x Zoom


The long-awaited Honor Magic 3 series was finally released. As the representative of Honor’s ultra-high-end flagship, it is also a collection of many cutting-edge technologies, representing Honor’s vision for future mobile phone technology. What we received this time is the main model in the Honor Magic 3 series, the Honor Magic 3 Pro.

As one of the first models of Snapdragon 888+, Honor Magic3 Pro has surging performance, and combined with Honor’s characteristic OS Turbo X software and hardware collaboration, it can fully explore the potential of Snapdragon 888+. In the game, it can even be specially optimized for the game features, not only the game is smoother, but also the power consumption is lower and the heat is less.

In terms of images, Honor Magic3 Pro uses a multi-camera solution. A 50-megapixel outsole main camera lens, plus a 64-megapixel black and white lens, a 64-megapixel telephoto lens, and a 13-megapixel wide-angle macro lens, multiple main camera-level CMOS collaborative imaging, combined with 8×8 dTOF focusing system, the first The HONOR Image Engine image engine makes it have the same image strength at all focal lengths under the thin body and rear camera module .

In addition, this time Honor Magic3 Pro is also in line with movie standards. It is the first mobile phone to pass the IMAX ENHANCED certification. It has a built-in professional movie processing process. From shooting to 3D Lut applications, you can easily use your mobile phone to shoot. A sense of blockbuster.

The super-curved screen with a side angle of up to 89° allows Honor Magic3 Pro to have an unbounded frontal look . The Honor Magic3 Pro supports 66W wired super fast charging and 50W wireless super fast charging, and provides IP68 waterproof and dustproof certification, etc., which ensure the best daily experience of the Honor Magic3 Pro.

Next, let’s take a look at the real experience of Honor Magic3 Pro.

Design & Appearance

The front of Honor Magic3 Pro adopts a double-punched front solution in the upper left corner. While accommodating the main camera, the 3D deep-sensing camera module is also placed in it, which supports face recognition and can be unlocked smoothly in dark scenes at night. At the same time, it also supports financial-level payment, which greatly improves security protection.

The two sides of the screen adopt the design of 89° hyper-curved screen, where the screen is almost vertical convergence arc, which can provide the screen look and feel without horizon. In addition, the frame has been further narrowed, making the screen-to-body ratio as high as 94.86%.

The ring design adopted on the back of the Honor Magic 3 Pro is called the “Muse’s Eye”. The multiple main cameras are arranged symmetrically in the center, which has a symmetrical beauty. The white back panel looks clean and elegant, not easy to stain fingerprints.

Give a close-up of the rear camera module of Honor Magic3 Pro. From the right side counterclockwise, the main camera is 50 Megapixels. A 64-megapixel 3.5x telephoto lens, a dTof laser focusing module and a 13-megapixel wide-angle lens. In the center is a 64-megapixel black and white lens.

On the top and bottom of the phone, the upper and lower dual speakers are indispensable. In addition, the Honor Magic3 Pro also has an infrared module on the top that can remotely control electrical appliances, and the bottom is a Type-C interface and a SIM card slot.

The accessories in the package of the Honor Magic 3 Pro are also very complete. There are a lot of chargers and power cords. The maximum support is 66W super fast charging. In addition, it is compatible with 40W and 10W.


The rear camera module of Honor Magic3 Pro uses a combination of multiple main cameras, and there is no make-up lens, which is undoubtedly the flagship specification.

The most commonly used main camera lens has a sensor with 50 Megapixels and a 1/1.56 inch outsole. From the parameter point of view, it is the recent hot IMX 766. It supports full-pixel focusing, whether it is night scenes or scratching, it can achieve a clear freeze frame of the image. With a 64-megapixel black-and-white lens, a 64-megapixel telephoto lens, and a 13-megapixel wide-angle lens, through the calculation and synthesis of images between different lenses, it has excellent image quality performance at all focal lengths.

The black and white lens is involved in the workflow of other main cameras throughout the entire process, and is responsible for providing more detailed brightness information. So after taking a photo, you will see the result of the image “processing”, and the overall exposure, contrast, and color of the photo will become More perfect.

Image synthesis between different main cameras, synthesis and reconstruction between black and white and color information. The multi-main camera solution of Honor Magic3 Pro is especially important for computational photography and requires powerful algorithm support. Therefore, Honor first created HONOR Image on the Honor Magic3 series. Engine image engine realizes the maximization of image capacity.

You can see the powerful processing effect of the HONOR Image Engine image engine through a moving picture of a taken photo. At the moment when the shutter is pressed, multiple post-cameras take multiple original photos with different exposures at the same time, and then under the processing of the HONOR Image Engine, the parts with the best brightness and the best details are retained and adjusted at the same time The overall color and the quality of the final product are even comparable to the photos taken by the camera + post-processing.

Main Cameras

The main camera lens of Honor Magic 3 Pro is equipped with sensor IMX 766. With excellent focusing performance and good picture quality, the overall strength cannot be underestimated. It has appeared in this year’s flagship machine frequently, and it has been swept by IMX 363 and IMX 586. The momentum of the market.

The main camera of Honor Magic3 Pro is not alone. The 64-megapixel black-and-white lens can be said to be the best partner for the main camera in terms of optical parameters and physical location. The two fields of view are the closest, and the main camera lens can maximize the use of the original resolution of the black and white lens to improve its global image quality, and finally achieve the effect of 1+1>2.

Even if we turn on the option of AI photography, the color of the main camera lens of Honor Magic3 Pro is very natural during the day, without the previous strong look and feel, and overall it is more pleasing.

Taking pictures at night, the algorithm of Honor Magic3 Pro is not in a hurry to improve the overall brightness of the picture. Basically, as long as there are lighting decorations in the picture, it will strive to ensure the effect of the lighting and the colors are also very natural. After the night scene mode is turned on, the saturation of the overall picture will increase to a certain extent, and the overall picture color will be warmer.

Telephoto lens

The Honor Magic3 Pro is equipped with a 64-megapixel telephoto lens that supports 3.5x optical zoom. Since the focal length is close to the 90mm golden focal length, this is also the best choice for portrait shooting.

The 3.5x optical zoom, the original resolution is fully utilized, the imaging quality is very high whether day or night, especially the color performance of the film, it is invisible that this is the imaging effect of a telephoto lens.

10 times hybrid light change

The 3.5x telephoto and the main camera are mixed for imaging. Although it is a mixed light change at 10x, it also has a good imaging effect.

When taking pictures under 10x mixed light change, you can clearly feel that the Honor Magic 3 Pro has an AI optimizing process that can improve the details of scenery with regular lines such as buildings and windows.

Ultra wide-angle lens

Although it is not the ultimate version of the luxurious 64-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, the quality of the 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens on the Honor Magic 3 Pro is also excellent. The imaging style of it is almost the same as that of the main camera. The colors, brightness, exposure, etc. are all strikingly similar. Only the angle of view is changed. It can record more scenes when taking daily pictures.

Movie Mode

Honor Magic3 Pro also has a built-in movie mode this time, which can help users easily shoot video recordings with a “blockbuster feel”.

In this mode, the phone will use the movie-specific 21:9 frame to shoot, and there are also multiple shortcut buttons above, such as slow motion, 4K HDR and 8 preset 3D LUTs to help you quickly shoot movies. Short film.

Warn Light

Different 3D LUT colors are suitable for different environments, such as directly presenting the effect of the sunset, or presenting more realistic and cold colors, and you can use it freely according to actual needs.

Like wind

In professional mode, you can even find a switch in LOG format. This mode is used for video shooting and can record the details of the picture with a higher dynamic range. Through post-production, you can effectively avoid problems such as “overexposure” and “underexposure” during video shooting.


The Honor Magic3 Pro is also one of the first models of the Snapdragon 888+. Compared with the Snapdragon 888, its processor is mainly upgraded with a small increase in the super-large core frequency and a significant increase in AI performance.

Let’s test the performance of Honor Magic3 Pro directly through several games.

1. Glory of the King

Breaking the cocoon, rebirth and still strong! Honor Magic3 Pro evaluation: the real top flagship without shortcomings

Breaking the cocoon, rebirth and still strong! Honor Magic3 Pro evaluation: the real top flagship without shortcomings

Honor Magic3 Pro supports the high frame rate mode of “Honor of Kings”. After the high frame rate is turned on for the highest image quality, the average frame rate of the game is 89.3 FPS. Although it fluctuates, the frame rate is above 89FPS most of the time.

2. The Peaceful Elite

Another most popular shooting game “Peace Elite”, we chose the HDR HD + 60 frame picture option. With this setting, the average frame rate throughout the game is 59 FPS, and the frame rate is above 57 FPS almost 90% of the time.

3. The original god

Since last year’s popular game “Yuan Shen” has exquisite graphics, the performance requirements of the equipment are not low, not only in the game market, many new machines have used it as a “touchstone” of their own performance.

Honor Magic3 Pro recorded the frame rate according to the fixed test circuit in the highest image quality 60 frame mode. The average frame rate was 52.6 FPS throughout the whole process, and the frame rate was stabilized above 50 FPS for almost 75% of the time.

Not only does the game run smoothly, but the Honor Magic3 Pro does not generate much heat during the game. Combining the unique OS Turbo X and GPU Turbo X technologies to work together, Honor Magic3 Pro can give full play to game performance and increase frame rate while reducing power consumption.

For example, after the “Yuan Shen” test, although the fuselage can feel a little hot, the measured temperature at this time is only 38 ℃, which is 40+ ℃ more frequently than those running “Yuan Shen” whose frame rate is unstable. For mobile phones, Honor Magic3 Pro can be described as calm and high-powered.


Honor Magic3 Pro supports wired and wireless dual super fast charging, wireless charging power up to 50W, wired super fast charging power is even as high as 66W, with a large 4600mAh battery, battery life and blood recovery speed are also in the forefront of the market.

In the actual test of the 66W super fast charging effect, it only takes ten minutes to charge the battery from 2% to 33%, and the full charge only takes more than 40 minutes. Plug in your phone, watch an episode of a TV series, and come back to the glory of Magic3 Pro and you can resurrect it with full blood without delaying other work.

In terms of battery life, the battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology is used for testing, and multiple items such as video, web browsing, games, AI recognition, etc. are turned on. Under this comprehensive test, the power consumption of Honor Magic 3 Pro in 1 hour is 13%. Estimate its overall The battery life is about 7.7 hours, which can easily meet the modest use of the whole day.

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Whether it is the first new work of the Magic series to reunite in three years, or the first high-end work of Honor’s rebirth, Honor Magic 3 Pro has accomplished the task brilliantly.

With the 89° hyper-curved screen, the powerful processor of Snapdragon 888+, and the full-time and full-focus imaging capabilities brought by the rear-mounted multi-camera collaborative computational photography, Honor Magic 3 Pro does indeed have High-end temperament, and the overall configuration is indeed worthy of the name of the “top flagship”, all the latest technologies in one, also fit the Magic series of all-round technology flagship positioning.

Long-term technical accumulation not only allowed Honor to fully fill up the configuration this time, but also many new attempts, such as this very distinctive rear camera module solution is one of them.

Unlike the “drum kit” on the upper half of other mobile phones, the rear camera of Honor Magic 3 Pro can be said to be the most balanced and beautiful of all top flagship mobile phones, almost flush with the back cover of the mobile phone , but it also achieves a full focal length. Image capabilities. In an environment where everyone blindly piles up and fights for the bottom, Honor chose multi-camera + computational photography to ensure that the whole machine feels light and thin . This is very important for the comprehensive experience of mobile phones, and it is also a new direction for image development.

Whether you are a fan of Honor or not, the release of Honor Magic3 Pro is a good thing. This means that we have one more choice for high-end flagship phones, and the future of the mobile phone market will be more vibrant, with more interesting products coming to us.

This time the return of Honor Magic3 Pro’s first show, a score close to full marks was handed in. This also makes people look forward to returning to the right track of the Magic series, and what kind of ultimate innovation technology will appear in the future.


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