Honor Magic 4 Pro Review: New Benchmark For Cameras and Performance


When the Honor Magic 4 Pro was announced, it was estimated that many people could not believe their eyes. Isn’t this the same as the previous generation?

But think about it, everyone says that the classic design will never go out of style, and the Honor Magic 4 Pro is actually like that. The symmetrical aesthetics inherited from the previous generation and the design of the Eye of Muse + four-curved screen are still very pleasing to the eye now, with full marks for both recognition and appearance.

But don’t think that the Honor Magic 4 Pro only has good-looking skin. It inherits the classic design and has a more powerful soul. From the screen, charging, imaging, and even performance, it has been completely upgraded repeatedly. The familiar appearance is full of surprises.

For example, the most important screen part of the mobile phone, the Honor Magic4 Pro, is full of sincerity.

It not only supports the most popular LPTO variable refresh rate but is even more valuable because it also realizes a global 1920Hz PWM high-frequency dimming on this basis, which can be said to be the most eye-protecting LTPO variable refresh rate. Swipe.

In terms of performance, the Honor Magic4 Pro is also equipped with the new Snapdragon 8.

Like the performance of Honor mobile phones in the past, in the Honor Magic 4 Pro, this hot-tempered SoC has also been optimized with a lot of effort. The performance of frame rate and heat generation is the best, and it is like the Snapdragon 8 flagship. The existence of a dragon master.

In addition, video has always been the forte of Glory. This time, the Honor Magic4 Pro not only still has a periscope telephoto but also can achieve a 100x large zoom performance.

At the same time, in terms of video recording, the characteristic Log mode has been further upgraded to support 4K 60-frame Log recording, which can be said to be more powerful in professional creation.

Stronger screen, performance, and image, and these are just the tip of the iceberg of the upgrade and evolution of the Honor Magic4 Pro.

Next, let us quickly start the detailed evaluation of the Honor Magic4 Pro to see how this familiar-looking phone will have a different experience.

Design & Appearance

The Honor Magic4 Pro still inherits the classic design of the previous generation. The front four-curved screen provides an excellent immersive full-screen viewing experience. The opening in the upper left corner contains the front-facing and front-facing 3D deep-sensing lenses, which can provide more accurate and secure face recognition. The environment can also be unlocked successfully.

The screen quality of the Honor Magic4 Pro has also been greatly improved, not only the drill row, but also has a higher level of detail, but also supports the popular LTPO adaptive refresh rate technology and 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, 1Hz-120Hz flexible change, power-saving and smooth, the global high-frequency dimming is also more eye-friendly.

The main camera module adopts the classic Muse eye design on the back, which is very recognizable. The high-gloss glass back is also full of texture, but some are prone to fingerprints, so it is recommended to wear a protective case.

The rear camera module still adheres to the symmetrical design concept, and the three rear cameras and the two rear sensors are arranged symmetrically.

The rear camera scheme is similar to the previous generation, with a 50-megapixel main camera and an ultra-wide-angle lens, plus a 64-megapixel 3.5x periscope telephoto, which is equivalent to a 10x small-bottom periscope telephoto, which can provide an image experience at all focal lengths.

In terms of interfaces, in addition to the conventional Type-C port and SIM card slot, there are also a lot of dual speakers, infrared remote control, etc., to meet your daily needs.

In addition, the accessories also provide protective cases, card pins, original 100W super-fast charging chargers, data cables, etc.


Let’s start with the image first; this part is Glory’s forte.

Under the background of this year’s flagship mobile phone castrated telephoto, Honor Magic4 Pro still retains its periscope telephoto rear camera module, which can be said to be one of the few “telescopes”.

The arrangement of the rear cameras continues the design concept of the Eye of the Muse, with the main camera, a periscope telephoto, an ultra-wide-angle lens, an 8×8 TOF laser focusing system, and a Flicker sensor, all in the real camera. Symmetrical arrangement on the circle.

With Honor’s multi-camera computational photography technology and AI color engine technology, Honor Magic4 Pro can ensure excellent image quality performance in continuous focal lengths, regardless of distance, day and night, backlight, or soft light get excellent quality. Image quality, color, and sharpness performance.

The multi-main camera fusion model of the Honor Magic4 Pro is mainly divided into three types, the main camera and the super-telephoto, the super wide-angle and the main camera, and the super-telephoto itself multi-frame fusion.

By blocking a single lens and comparing the star image quality of the unblocked sample, we can feel the charm of multi-main camera fusion. The fused photos have brighter colors and clearer details. Through fusion, even in the center focal length of digital cropping, the Honor Magic4 Pro can still obtain image quality and resolution comparable to the native focal length.

Compared to this group of ultra-wide-angle and main camera fusion, it is not difficult to zoom in on the central area. Without the blessing of multi-cam fusion, the blinds in the dark part will lose a lot of details, the overall image is more blurred, and the outline of the fan page is almost impossible. Distinguish.

The effect of telephoto multi-cam fusion is more obvious, and you can even see the difference without zooming in.

When the multi-cam fusion is not in effect, the image is completely digitally enlarged and cropped by the main camera, and the overall image is more blurred and sharpened. Incorporating the telephoto image, the quality of the center area has been greatly improved, the picture is clear, and the color is natural.

The periscope telephoto of the Honor Magic4 Pro has the industry’s highest 64 Megapixels. With the dual support of OIS optical image stabilization and EIS electronic image stabilization, combined with multi-frame fusion technology, the image quality of telephoto shooting can be further improved.

Let’s look at a set of 3.5x, 10x, 30x, 50x, and 100x proofs. Under extreme magnification, the text on distant buildings can also be accurately distinguished. If you pursue the imaging effect at least about 30 times, the photos taken by the Honor Magic4 Pro can still be seen.

With the support of multi-camera fusion, the Honor Magic4 Pro has excellent image quality under continuous focal lengths; unlike other mobile phones, the image quality will be seriously degraded in the transition focal length between the two rear cameras, daily photography, for zooming in The selection of multiples can be freer. The priority is completely given to the composition without considering the problem of the original focal length and image quality of the post-photography.

At night, it is the home court of Honor Magic 4 Pro.

The main camera IMX 766 is a 1/1.56 pixel ultra-large bottom sensor, supplemented by Honor’s excellent software algorithms. Honor Magic4 Pro can not only ensure bright and clear imaging, but more importantly, it can restore true colors and various night scenes. It can be recorded.

The Honor Magic 4 Pro’s photography capabilities are also excellent, not just taking pictures.

Honor introduced the Log video of professional movies to the mobile phone in the previous generation. Now, the Honor Magic 4 Pro has further carried it forward and launched the first 4K 60fps 10bit-log movie mode so that the mobile phone can also shoot blockbuster movies.

Through log, we can greatly increase the details of highlights and shadows recorded by mobile phone videos so that our video pictures have richer image information. After the shooting is completed, we can also use the preset LUT to color, transform the color map of the original material, restore the full color, and retain the details one by one.

For example, when shooting in this street scene, in normal video mode, either the light sign will be overexposed or pitch black, and you can’t see the surroundings at all.

At this time, you can turn on the log mode. We can find that while the dark part is displayed, the overexposure of the light plate is greatly reduced so that we can record the details of the entire scene at the same time.

The log video is generally gray. At this time, we can apply a preset Lut color palette. In this way, the picture is restored to vividness, and the details of the highlights and shadows can be accurately presented. The Honor Magic4 Pro also supports a new feature called Recording Zhongmei Pai.

The video is also very clear when taking pictures.

Generally speaking, the quality of a single video frame is definitely not as good as a photo. Still, the Honor Magic4 Pro breaks the rules with the help of AI RAW domain imaging technology. Through multi-frame fusion, it can also record clear image moments during video recording, and even automatically recognize wonderful moments and capture up to 5 photos. There is almost no difference in the quality of video screenshots and photos for simple comparisons. You will no longer have to worry about taking photos or videos in the future.

Hardware & Performance

The Honor Magic4 Pro is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 flagship processor and has also made several optimizations for this hot-tempered flagship core, not only with ultra-thin VC liquid cooling superconducting hexagonal spar graphene for heat dissipation; There is GPU Turbo X+AI super rendering for intelligent scheduling to ensure performance, and the frame rate is stable and very “calm”.

We won’t say much; use the game to explain everything. The first is “Honor of Kings” the Honor Magic4 Pro can open the highest picture quality and 120 frame mode.

We played a game, and the global frame rate was stable at around 115.9 FPS. Looking at the frame rate graph, the fluctuation was very small, and the minimum was only 107 FPS.

Looking at the back of the phone with a thermal imager, the temperature is only 39.8°C. If you change to another phone, it would have already reached the 40°C mark.

The most troublesome “Yuan Shen” in the Android camp, the Honor Magic4 Pro, is also within reach.

It is still the highest image quality + 60 frame mode. We walked around the fixed test route. The frame rate and temperature of the Honor Magic 4 Pro are almost the best.

The average frame rate is 57.1 fps, and the temperature of the back cover is only 40.7 ℃. The performance is even better than the Snapdragon 8 flagship, with a locked frame of 45 FPS tested before.

After going around such a big circle, finally, on the Honor Magic4 Pro, the popular SOC of Snapdragon 8 has a regular performance, which shows that the optimization of manufacturers is still extremely important.

Honor Magic4 Pro is one of the best dragon trainers. If you want the strongest Android flagship performance experience, you must choose him.


At present, the LTPO screen can be said to be the industry trend, and the Honor Magic4 Pro is no exception. It supports adaptive dynamic frame rate and realizes real-time, fast, and intelligent adjustment according to the rendering speed of different scenes and finger operations, ensuring low power consumption. At the same time, the smooth experience is undiminished.

System applications such as the gallery, address book, file management, and other system applications have different refresh rates to adapt. Honor Magic 4 Pro supports dynamic adjustment of the refresh rate during the screen sliding process and can also consider smoothness and power-saving when sliding.

For different scenarios, the upper limit of the refresh rate will also adapt itself. The refresh rate will be automatically reduced to ensure power saving when the screen is still. Even in the reading APP, the refresh rate can be reduced to 1Hz. Said to save power to the extreme.

In addition to LTPO, the most important feature of the Honor Magic4 Pro screen is that it supports global 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, which can be called the most eye-protecting LTPO screen.

Everyone should know that PWM dimming has been controversial since the OLED screen was just launched on mobile phones. The current consensus in the industry is that stroboscopic flicker below 1250Hz will cause eye discomfort for sensitive people.

Try it with the Honor Magic 4 Pro. It is the same 1920Hz high-frequency dimming under high brightness and low brightness. It can be said that this screen is a veritable “eye protection” existence. The Honor Magic4 Pro also brings a small easter egg in terms of security, which is the new smart privacy call function.

Using the dual-unit AI frequency division safe and private call technology, the Honor Magic4 Pro can ensure that the sound generated by the focus screen is directly directed towards the human ear, reducing sound leakage in other directions.

Once the position misses the receiver, the sound will be greatly reduced, and there is no need to worry about the “little secret” being heard by others when talking outside.


The performance is strong, and the flagship core is still touching when the power is lost when playing heavy-load games such as “Yuan Shen”.

Fortunately, the Honor Magic4 Pro also supports 100W super-fast charging, which can quickly restore blood. It can be fully charged from 2% in 30 minutes of actual measurement.

In daily use, its 4600mAh battery life is also very good. We tested it with the battery dog. In continuous 3D games, videos, and web browsing scenarios, the final battery life was 7 hours and 43 minutes, which was not inferior to those of 5000mAh. Big battery flagship.

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What is a high-end flagship? At least, in my opinion, since the positioning is high-end, there can be no obvious shortcomings.

It gives you the rare periscope ultra-telephoto and a set of mature software algorithms led by multi-cam fusion. On the Honor Magic4 Pro, you don’t need to worry about losing the image quality of the multi-cam intermediate focal length. It can provide you with always excellent image quality within a certain range. When taking pictures, you can choose the focal length more freely, and you can have beautiful scenery during the day and night.

The Honor Magic4 Pro is also very powerful in terms of video recording. The previous generation provided a professional video recording system. This time, it goes a step further. Under the high specification of 4K 60 frames, the Log mode and various film-level Lut color grading presets can meet your more professional video recording needs. One of the professional video cameras.

It also gives you a unique 1920Hz high-frequency dimming LTPO variable refresh rate screen; with the diamond arrangement, the image display is more delicate, in addition to the smooth and power saving of variable refresh rate and global high-frequency dimming; the most eye-friendly variable refresh rate screen lives up to its name.

In addition, there are flagship standard features such as deep optimization for Snapdragon 8 and 100W super fast charging. Honor Magic 4 Pro is not only powerful in surface parameters but also in terms of the actual game and charging performance; it is indeed fast and stable, the temperature is lower, and the user experience is the best level at the moment.

Inheriting the classic design of the previous generation, the Honor Magic4 Pro is still outstanding in appearance. It has also made a lot of breakthroughs and improvements in image, performance, charging and screen, etc., providing users with revolutionary technology and a full range of Experience improvements.

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