Honor Tablet 8 Review: Excellent Audio Visual Entertainment Experience


The Honor Tablet 8 uses a 12-inch IPS high-definition eye protection screen that provides a full HD 2000×1200 resolution, is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 octa-core high-performance processor and has four 1620 and four 1217 stereo eight-speaker combinations. Histen+DTS dual sound effect adjustment brings a better sound quality experience.

In terms of storage, the Honor Tablet 8 provides 4GB/6GB of running memory, as well as 64GB/128GB of body storage, and supports SD card expansion memory. The Honor Pad 8 provides a large 7250mAh battery and supports fast charging. Its price is 1399 yuan.


The front of the Honor Tablet 8 uses a 12-inch large screen for eye protection, and the screen frame is only 7.2mm, which increases the screen ratio of the screen to 87%, bringing a better visual experience. The screen adopts a screen ratio of 5:3, which is different from the conventional mainstream ratio of 16:9, which allows users to have a more comfortable visual experience when viewing the screen.

The Honor Tablet 8 is designed with a metal body and offers three fashionable colors: mint green, dawn blue, and dawn gold. The back cover is sandblasted, bringing a good feel. Due to the thin and light design, the tablet weighs only 520g when equipped with a large 7250mAh battery.

Thanks to the ultimate industrial design of Honor, the thickness of the Honor Tablet 8 is only 6.9mm, which is 0.6mm thinner than Apple’s iPad 2021, and the thinner body brings a better grip. The Honor Pad 8 provides a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera, supports smooth calls, and provides high-quality video call quality.


The Honor Tablet 8 screen is made of IPS material, provides 2K high resolution, supports a 1 billion color display, and brings a better color reproduction effect.

Honor Tablet also provides the most comprehensive eye protection solution in the triple industry for young people: At the hardware level, Honor Tablet 8 supports Rheinland hardware-level low blue light and has passed the Rheinland flicker-free certification and the eye protection certification of the National Eye Engineering Center;

At the software level, it supports a variety of software-level eye protection modes, including dark mode, e-book mode, software eye protection mode, etc. Finally, it has a bad sitting posture reminder function for the more common poor eye habits among young people.

The Honor Tablet 8 screen supports 10bit color depth and can display about 1.07 billion colors. The actual test shows that the Honor Tablet 8’s screen color performance is very good, the color is more intense, and the 2K resolution brings more delicate picture quality Performance.

The Honor Tablet 8 screen supports Rheinland hardware-level low blue light and has passed the Rheinland flicker-free certification and the eye protection certification of the National Eye Engineering Center. Honor Pad 8 supports eye protection modes such as dark mode, e-book mode, and software eye protection mode.

In addition to providing eye protection solutions in terms of hardware and software, Honor Tablet 8 also provides a healthy tablet use function for young people’s bad sitting and eye habits. , to remind users of changes in ambient light, prompting users to develop good eye habits.


At present, the external speaker configuration of many Android tablets on the market is relatively general. It may be said that the external speakers of 2 or 4 mobile phones are simply installed on the tablet. This approach cannot guarantee the volume and sound quality.

The Honor Tablet 8 uses four 1620s and four 1217s to form a luxurious 8-speaker audio system. The frequency response range can reach 300Hz~10kHz. experience. The Honor Tablet 8 also has HONOR Histen+DTS dual sound effect adjustment, bringing more immersive high-quality audio.

Honor Tablet 8 supports intelligent scene sound effect recognition, real-time detection of usage scenes and APPs, intelligent matching of four preset sound effect configurations of vocals, music, movies, and games, and special tuning for vocal enhancement, and restores the teacher’s original sound in online class scenes. In movie mode, the sound field will feel wider and the sound space will feel better.

Education Center

The education center of Honor Tablet 8 cooperates with several leading educational applications to launch K12 basic education content, focusing on preschool, elementary to high school courses, covering all stages of K12 teaching, independent learning space, and bringing an immersive learning experience.

The education center synchronizes the teaching materials of all stages and searches for teaching materials according to the learning stage, subject, and version, which is quick and easy to operate. There is also an exclusive class with famous teachers, and famous teachers will explain it, making it easier for children to understand. The education center is linked to the education channel of the Honor App Market, and a variety of educational tools can be obtained with one click.

The education center of the Honor Tablet 8 provides many functions to help children learn. By sorting out the wrong questions, it can help children better grasp their weak knowledge and quickly check and fill in the gaps.

The new printing assistant function of the Honor Tablet can not only support 90% of the mainstream printers on the market, but also support test paper restoration, error sorting, and printing functions, which can help children learn new things from the past. The printing assistant can also print puzzle origami and manual copying. Report printing to help improve children’s hands-on ability.

Magic UI 6.1

The Honor Tablet8 uses the latest Magic UI 6.1, which brings a new operating experience, more friendly interface interaction, and improved system fluency. More importantly, Magic UI 6.1 supports smart multi-window and multi-screen systems, etc. functions.

The Honor Tablet realizes that the mobile APP of the vertical screen ecology can be presented in a more reasonable form on the tablet computer through the application of a split screen. At present, there are more than 6,000 APPs that support the horizontal screen ecology, so the mobile phone APP running the vertical screen ecology on the tablet can also provide the best experience.

The application split screen allows the Honor Tablet 8 to run up to 4 apps at the same time, and the 12-inch large screen can improve learning and work efficiency.

The multi-screen collaboration capability is the first to sink into the digital series tablet, and the Honor Tablet 8 supports the multi-screen collaboration function and also supports Honor Quick Honor sharing. Through the multi-screen system between Honor tablet, mobile phone, and PC, functions such as wireless screen projection, tablet control of mobile phone interface, and seamless file sharing between devices are realized.

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As a tablet of the Honor digital series, Honor Tablet 8 provides powerful eye protection functions for teenagers’ daily learning scenarios, as well as an education center that enriches learning resources. Using Honor Tablet 8 can make parents more assured about their children’s learning.

At the same time, the Honor Tablet 8 also provides powerful audio-visual entertainment functions, bringing a very good sound quality experience, not only to hear more clearly during online classes but also to obtain a more immersive experience in daily entertainment.

The Honor Tablet 8 provides a lot of excellent experiences. As a tablet of the Honor digital series, it provides many features with an excellent experience based on Magic UI 6.1. Honor Tablet 8 has more advantages than Android tablets of the same price in terms of design, screen, experience, and other aspects, and it is also worthy of choice for young users or young parents.

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