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With the gradual expansion of the domestic smart wearable device market, Honor, as one of China’s top smart device manufacturers, naturally does not let up. It proves the R&D capability of Honor. Honor has launched a new generation of flagship smartwatches – the Honor Watch GS3 Watch. This is another exploration of Glory’s ultimate craftsmanship design. We received from Kuai Technology the classic version of the streamer; let’s feel it together.

Honor Watch GS 3 is a fashionable business sports watch for white-collar elites. It can be said that it reflects Honor’s profound accumulation in the field of wear and is a masterpiece of Honor’s pursuit of ultimate products.

The Honor Watch GS 3 continues the brand’s unique design genes. The black and gold theme is low-key and introverted, and the thin hands are matched with the smart and elegant overall appearance. The appearance is full of texture.

The watch frame is made of 316L stainless steel as the main material, which is more impact-resistant while having high strength. A simple gold coating process polishes it to better wear resistance to the watch.

Unlike ordinary smartwatches, the Honor Watch GS 3 adopts the HONOR Health 5.0 software and hardware collaboration solution. The 8-channel PPG monitoring module cooperates with the frequency tracking algorithm and AI heart rate algorithm to achieve real-time accurate heart rate monitoring. The accuracy rate is as high as 97% at 10bpm. Comparable to professional equipment such as heart rate belts.

The Honor Watch GS 3 also supports all-weather blood oxygen monitoring, altitude blood oxygen reminder, comprehensive sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, and other functions. The monitoring of personal health is comprehensive and extreme.

Honor also creatively uses the Honor Location multi-origin sensor fusion inertial navigation technology in the Honor Watch GS3 and supports dual-frequency five-constellation fusion positioning and inertial navigation. With the mobile phone signal, the positioning time can also be shortened by 47%.

The following are the detailed parameters of the Honor Watch GS 3:

Design & Appearance

The front of the Honor Watch GS 3 is made of real gold and copper alloy material, with higher reflectivity, bright and gorgeous colors, and the black and gold color scheme gives a low-key and restrained feeling.

The four-layer rose gold electroplating process makes the rose gold material well attached to the 316L stainless steel material, and the shiny and elegant visual impact pervades the dial.

The 1.43-inch dial supports full-screen touch, and the 326PPI pixel density display is clear. The maximum brightness of 1000nits ensures that it can be displayed in direct sunlight. The default dial pointer is thin and looks very calm.

3D curved glass design, the curved edge is slightly higher than the middle frame, the dial is tenser, and the hand feels warm. The two physical buttons of the Honor Watch GS 3 are concentrated on the right side of the watch frame, which is also the traditional watch button location.

The upper button supports calls out and returns long presses to shut down. The buttons below are sports statistics shortcuts, which support functions such as running, cycling, swimming, and mountain climbing.

On the back of the watch are hardware interfaces such as a heart rate sensor. For a smartwatch, the strap is undoubtedly an important part.

The Honor Watch GS 3 uses Nappa first layer calfskin as the strap, with fine texture, smooth surface, and is more skin-friendly. The neutral width of 22mm is suitable for different genders. The Honor Watch GS 3 adopts an easy-to-remove strap buckle design, and the strap can be removed with a flick of a finger.

The instruction manual, warranty card, charging base, and charging cable are included. The Honor Watch GS 3 adopts a relatively mature magnetic suction wireless charging solution, which can fully charge the watch in 55 minutes and battery life of up to 14 days.

Real-time monitoring

Sports and health have become the most concerned words for modern people to cope with the increasingly serious environmental pressure.

Compared with the traditional monitoring of various instruments, monitoring health status and statistics of exercise progress anytime, anywhere has become the choice of more and more people, which is also the original intention of the smartwatch.

Heart rate monitoring

The Honor Watch GS 3 is equipped with an 8-channel heart rate AI engine for the first time. The HONOR Health 5.0 software and hardware collaboration solution can AI-integrate the heart rate signals received by the mobile phone and achieve high-precision heart rate monitoring through frequency tracking and AI algorithms.

The Honor Watch GS 3 adopts the PPG module layout scheme. In addition to greatly increasing the number of sampling channels of the photoelectric sensor, the 8 receiving channels can comprehensively receive the return signal of the human body and place the signal loss or noise caused by the watch not being tightly fitted.

The frequency tracking algorithm and AI heart rate algorithm can perform self-learning and heart rate memory based on previous heart rate data, thereby obtaining stronger anti-interference ability and reasoning ability and making monitoring results more accurate.

In addition to the daily real-time monitoring display, the heart rate monitoring results will be synchronized to the mobile phone health APP. You can view the heart rate changes according to the date and grasp the health information in real-time.

Blood oxygen monitoring

Blood oxygen data is relatively important health data—the higher the blood oxygen index, the better the human function and health status. If the blood oxygen index is lower than 90%, hypoxemia may occur and even cause breathing or cardiac arrest, common in high-intensity mental work. People, middle-aged and older adults, snoring people, people who stay up late and work overtime for a long time, and workers in alpine/altitude environments.

The Honor Watch GS3 can provide users with real-time blood oxygen monitoring. Similar to heart rate monitoring, the blood oxygen can be checked in real-time on the mobile phone, and the blood oxygen can also be checked in real-time in the past, which is convenient for users to monitor their health status.

Sleep monitoring

The commonly used monitoring functions are naturally indispensable. The Honor Watch GS3 adds various indicator interpretations to the traditional sleep monitoring function, including the causes of nighttime awakenings and how to improve the impact. Each indicator has a detailed interpretation.

In sleep monitoring, we can see in detail the proportion of deep sleep, light sleep, and other sleep conditions, and even sleep scores can provide a coup for improving sleep.

Menstrual guidance for women

The Honor Watch GS3 can count the length of a women’s menstrual period, predict the later period and display the fertile period. This function can effectively help female users count the cycle, do a good job in cycle planning, and prepare for pregnancy. Since the author is male, this point will not be tested in detail.

Pressure test

In the Honor Watch GS3, you can also monitor the stress status. After the automatic pressure monitoring is turned on in the Health APP, the Honor Watch GS3 will automatically track the stress status, and you can also check the current stress status in the Health APP.

Functional Experience

As a smartwatch, the motion monitoring function is naturally indispensable. Judging from the performance of Honor smartwatches in the past, the motion monitoring function has been labeled as a product by Honor smartwatches, and Honor Watch GS 3 is no exception.

The Honor Watch GS3 supports outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, useful mountaineering, hiking, and other functions, which can be complete. You can count recent sports in the Health APP, including steps, medium, high-intensity exercise, etc.

You can formulate a health plan according to the user’s situation in the healthy life option. The Honor Watch GS 3 can check whether the user has reached the established plan according to the daily statistics, which is quite considerate.

In addition to the common functions, the Honor Watch GS3 also supports QR code payment function, and can even bind the mobile phone in the card package, so that the mobile phone can be transformed into an access control card and a bus card.

Interestingly, the Honor Watch GS 3 also supports the music playback function and can choose between mobile phone music and watch music, which means that the watch can control the phone to play music, which is very useful.


The Honor Watch GS3 is closer to the traditional high-end watch from its appearance. The 316L stainless steel frame is matched with the electroplating process, and the color is mainly black and gold, revealing a gorgeous texture everywhere.

The Nappa top-layer calfskin strap even raises the overall texture of the Honor Watch GS3 to a higher level, a luxury that has only been seen in traditional high-end watches in the past.

The 1.43-inch AMOLED screen supports full-screen touch and has 326PPI and a peak brightness of up to 1000nits. Whether daily use or sports statistics, it can show a display effect beyond the volume. The 3D micro-lake glass dial makes the overall look and feel of the Honor Watch GS 3 more round, full, and full of tension.

Significantly different from the HONOR Health 5.0 software and hardware collaboration of traditional smartwatches, the new black technology 8-channel heart rate AI engine makes the heart rate monitoring data accuracy of the Honor Watch GS3 reach an unprecedented level. In the face of complex usage scenarios, even if the fit is not tight, it can provide more accurate data.

Powerful and detailed health monitoring, including blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc., allows users to grasp their health status and escort their physical healthfully; real-time stress testing allows users to grasp their mental health status; for women, User-tailored menstrual management can save female users the trouble of calculating cycles and preparing for pregnancy.

A variety of sports monitoring functions can record daily sports data and guide users to exercise more scientifically. The health plan section formulated based on the data feedback of the Honor Watch GS 3 judges whether the user is lazy and urges the user to work hard in a healthier direction.

If you are also a high-intensity mental worker and an office worker who often stays up late, then Honor Watch GS 3 is a good helper for you to track your health status.

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