Honor X10 5G Powered By Kirin 820 Tested On Four Popular Games


After weeks of announcements and information leaks, the Honor X10 5G has finally been officially unveiled. This smartphone comes with Kirin 820, which was introduced at the end of the third month of this year. The model debuted as the cheapest 5G smartphone of the brand.

Honor X10 5G Spces

The Kirin 820 also gives it the upper hand in performance. This SoC uses eight CPU cores, including a large-core magic A76 2.36GHz, three medium-core magic A76 2.22GHz, four small-core A55 1.84GHz. Its multi-core performance is 27% higher than Kirin 810, and integrated six-core Mali -G57 GPU, performance increased by 38% and supports GPU Turbo, Kirin Gaming + 2.0 technology.

In addition, officials said that the Honor X10 phone brought a “performance storm”, which not only has 7nm Kirin 820 blessing. But also brings graphene cooling, 90Hz full-speed screen, and Magic UI 3.1’s definite delay engine, GPU Turbo, Kirin Gaming 2.0, and other optimization techniques.

The Kirin 820 processor has been tested for a long time since its launch. The performance and energy efficiency are obvious to all. On the Honor X10, we still choose four popular games “PUBG Elite”, “Glory of the King”, “Broken 3” and “Run Kart Racing “Quick Edition” to challenge the performance of Honor X10 and Kirin 820.

Honor X10 5G+ Kirin 820 Tested Games

Honor X10 5G+ Kirin 820 Tested Games

PUBG Elite Game Quality

First look at the performance of the popular game PUBG. After the picture quality is fully open, you can see that the number of frames throughout the test is very stable. The average frame reaches 59.5fps and the fluctuation is very small.

Honor X10 5G+ Kirin 820 Tested Games

Picture quality settings for “Glory of the King”

Honor X10 5G+ Kirin 820 Tested Games

“King of Glory” performance

In “Glory of the King”, when the picture quality is super high and the special effects are all turned on, the number of frames can also be kept very stable at around 60fps. There is no frame dropping during the whole process, almost a straight line.

“Broken 3” picture quality settings
The number of game frames in “Broken 3”

“Broken 3” is a representative of high-quality + high requirements in mobile games. It is more demanding than the games of King of Glory and PUBG. The Honor X10 can maintain an average frame of 58.1fps here, except for some fluctuations in a scene. The fluctuations in other places are not obvious. Basically, the whole process is still maintained at the fluency of watching full frames.

Picture quality settings for “Run Kart Racing Edition”

The number of game frames in “Run Kart Racing Edition”

In “Running Karting Racing Edition”, the number of frames of the Honor X10 mobile phone is also stable as an old dog, there is no fluctuation in the whole process, 60fps full-frame operation, smooth and no lag.

In general, the CPU and GPU performance of the Kirin 820 processor used by the Honor X10 5G is excellent, satisfying the current mobile phone games without stress, and optimization technologies such as GPU Turbo and Kirin Gaming + also make the game full frame while also it can reduce power consumption and heat generation. With graphene heat dissipation and a large 4300mAh battery, it can support up to 11 hours of playing games.

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