Hover Camera Portfolio Drone Review, A Floating Selfie Stick on PreSale @Gearbest (coupon inside)


Here in iGeekPhone we have made lot of drone review but this is the first time we got a particular one, a aircraft that was conceived and born as Camera Drone, at that’s it, is not for racing, is not for beginners, is just for taking videos and pictures, the brand came up with this portfolio foldable cuadcopter and named it Hover Camera Portfolio. Lets check it.


The Hover Camera Portfolio Drone it’s a light weigh aircraft made from carbon fiber and black abs plastic. As its name indicates this quadcopter has an steady hover mode thanks to four rotors configuration (covered for safety reasons) and well balanced body. Once the battery is attached, only weights 242 grams and measuring 18.2 x13.2 x3.3 cm.

The package contains everything you need: the Hover Camera Passport Drone, two 7.6V 1360mAh batteries, dual battery charger, a power adapter, storage bag and english manual. This drone doesn’t include a RF remote control since only works via Cellphone App.


This is 6 axis quadcopter, which has four brushless motors powered by a 1360mAh battery, than can run for around 10 minutes and has recharging cycle of 45 minutes. Under the drone there’s an ultrasonic sensor to help with the hover mode. On front you can identify one axi camera, that can tilt up and down in 90°.

The camera sports a 13mpx image sensor of 1/3.06 inch CMOS pixels, 78.4-degree FOV lens, 35mm equivalent, f/2.0 aperture. Depth of field of 1.2 – 6.7mm and ISO range: 100 – 3200. This config can shoots video upto 4K, stills at 13 megapixels, and even has a built-in dual tone flash.
All captured media can be stored in its 32Gb internal memory.


The Passport stands apart from other portable drones thanks to image recognition software, which (along with a quad-core Snapdragon processor) allows the drone to not only sense/track faces and bodies, but also maintain its position in space without the aid of GPS. 

Finally, to round out the package, the Passport comes with a suite of autonomous flying/filming modes. In addition to standard ones like Orbit and Follow, it has a 360 Panorama function you can activate with the touch of a button, as well as a thing called Beast Mode, which lets you turn off the drone’s software-imposed motor limitations for those times when you need to follow really fast objects.

Don’t forget this drone only only works with the app provided by Zero Zero Robotics, you can find it in the AppStore or Play Store, depend of your smartphone.


We agree the Hover Camera Portfolio Drone is so advanced that is really easy to use; press the power button, unfold the rotors and let go, and program one of the flight modes. Gearbest has it on presale, you only need to pay $431.68 using RC18OFF as coupon code at checkout.


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