How can Twitter be used for digital marketing?


With a daily average of around 187 million monetizable daily active users (mDAUs), Twitter is an extremely powerful marketing tool to build your brand and market your business. In the age of Social Media, having an understanding of how the platforms work and how you could create digital marketing campaigns and strategies gives you a very powerful edge against your competitors. 

Twitter itself already offers a lot of business and marketing tools where you could monitor your metrics like how many users or people your tweet has reached (Impressions) or how many have interacted with it or with the link and hashtags you placed (Engagements). Third-party apps and tools with the ability to download Twitter account details also offer extra insight to help you in your market research and let you know how to better strategize with your target audience by personalizing your content to what appeals to them. 

Build your Brand on Twitter

Optimizing your account’s look, feel, and even language is ultimately one of the ways you could stand out and be memorable to your target. Twitter is one of the best places to build and solidify your brand. Arguably, anything and everything you do on Twitter ultimately affects how people perceive and their online impression of your business could spell the difference between getting a loyal patron or not. Carefully choosing your Twitter handle, choosing your profile and header pictures, and deciding what to place in your profile bio are all part of the marketing strategies to get more leads. 

Curating Tweets and Content

With an average of 500 million tweets being sent on the daily, it will be difficult to stand out- unless you know how to. Twitter’s own Analytics tools and third-party tools allows you to optimize and strategize what and when to tweet. While you may read that attaching videos, pictures, and/or GIFs to your tweet is what makes it perform better, you want to add in some variety in your content. Consistency is also key; you need to keep tweeting but you need to keep tweeting smartly. 

Monitor the Competition

Twitter also allows you to keep a close eye on your competitors. You can download, monitor, and study the tweets that perform well on their accounts. The platform’s search engines can help you easily see what they’re tweeting about, what hashtags they are using and how they are engaging with their followers for you to strategize and optimize your content to keep up with them or get ahead.

Engage With Your Followers 

One of the reasons why Twitter is so potent as a social media platform for businesses is its inherent ability to directly engage with your leads and clients. Followers (and non-followers, basically anyone) can tag you and directly engage with you, giving an opportunity to build a sense of relationship with your leads. Creating the right guidelines to set the voice of your brand on Twitter will help you to establish your presence on the platform.

Those are just some of the ways you can build your brand on Twitter. You never know, your strategy might be the next big thing to help businesses viral and build a following on Twitter. 


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