How the evolution of smartphones has aided gamers


Mobile gaming has continued to enjoy a meteoric rise in recent years, with millions around the world continuing to use their favourite mobile devices to regularly participate in a gaming session.

When looking at the statistics that have been made available, it can be rather difficult for the mind to completely comprehend the overall figures, with it claimed that there will be around 3.7 billion players by 2023 worldwide. When you think that the estimated global population is approximately 7.75 billion, these numbers are astonishing.

However, for some, there is one simple reason why mobile gaming has become as popular as it has and that is down to the fact that smartphones have evolved in an incredible way, which has had the knock-on effect of aiding gamers in the process.

How have smartphones aided gamers?

Naturally, when talking about smartphones, the first thing that needs to be discussed is the technology that has been created and developed over the years. Indeed, a mobile device is completely different to what was first introduced to the market, whilst technology has evolved and allowed these devices to be like mini-PCs as they are able to handle a variety of different tasks.

Whilst the original gadgets to have been launched were primarily aimed at making and receiving calls, this feature has become secondary for many as they are now able to play their favourite games.

Gamers can enjoy traditional video game-style titles, simple games, or even use an online casino via the use of apps that have specifically been developed and created, or via the use of an internet browser.

Obviously, the improvement of technology will have had a major influence on the mobile gaming industry and will likely continue to play a role in the future. Nonetheless, there are other factors that could be argued that have had a huge impact on the industry, too!

Convenience and accessibility

The evolution of smartphones has aided gamers in a way that traditional games consoles and other devices have simply failed to accomplish: an improvement in convenience and accessibility.

As a smartphone device is fully portable and can connect to the internet, players now have the ability to game on the move and play wherever they want and when they want. This is something that has become rather important for many gamers and has perhaps helped to increase the number of casual players around the world.

Many will look for ways to unwind and enjoy any free time that they may have from their hectic lives, and with people seemingly spending almost every waking hour glued to their device, many will load up a game or two that they can enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, it is clear that the evolution of smartphones has had a profound impact on the mobile gaming industry and have evidently aided gamers in a variety of different ways. Each of them is able to take advantage of the tech that has been implemented, whilst they are also able to enjoy a level of convenience and accessibility that was previously impossible to enjoy via traditional gaming methods.


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