How to Amplify a Digital TV Signal?


The Digital TV is mainly known for providing superior quality and clarity in comparison to the analog TV.  For those of you who are making use of a TV antenna would have by now known the difference between analog and digital TV.

Channels numbers appearing in decimal points, a much wider screen and also a converter box if needed are few of the characteristics of digital TV. But apart from these, there is an invisible characteristic which not many are aware about.

That invisible difference is the lost wave reception or inconsistency in signal. Use Highline TV Antenna locater tool to check the distance of you area and local antenna.

No matter how superior the digital TV is but troubles in the signal is enough to cause reception problems. In case of analog TV when there is inconsistent signal then it would appear as “Snowy or Grainy picture”.

But the picture would still be somehow viewable. This is not the case with digital indicators. Even a slight weakness of the digital indicators would mean cut off audio and video completely.

You would not be able to see anything on the screen.

The digital TV signals do not tend to travel as far as the analog TV signals. There are certain terrestrial constraints which can cause an impact on the digital waves more than the analog ones.

Few of the constraints that can lead to weakening of the signals include, buildings, hills, trees, wind, roofs and many others.

The digital waves are present in the air. These waves are so very sensitive that it can easily get knocked off by an individual walking in front.

Hence, for receiving clear and crisp picture on your screen, there is a need for good signals to enter the TV tuner. In few cases, everything would seem to be in place but still you may not receive any signal.

On the other hand, you may face a lot of wave loss issue even while the digital waves travel through the antenna and to the tuner.

Irrespective of the cause of signal loss, such circumstances would need amplifying of the signal. A boost to the signal can fix up any issue of receptions.

Is there really a need for amplification?

One of the key conditions for amplification is that, you currently have an existing wave that is being received by the TV antenna.

In case if the antenna has signal then just amplification can help in fixing the problem of recurrent signal loss. But if the antenna does not have signal then amplification would not help in fixing the issue.

What does amplifying a digital TV really mean?

The very concept of amplification is quite a tricky subject to deal with. Many of the individuals have this question in mind as to whether amplification would really help in solving the problem of signal loss.

It is important to understand that amplification is not a sure fix of resolving the issue of weak TV signals instead it is considered to be one of the many options. Also it should not be considered as a fix for receiving TV signals when there isn’t one in place.

So amplifiers do not extend the range of the antenna. What it does is to give a slight push to the signal while it is on its way from the TV antenna and to the tuner.

The amplifier device or the built-in amplifier would be making use of the electricity for harnessing the TV signals and then it would send those signals with a boost of electricity.

This in turn would mean that the DTV signal would tend to travel much farther with that power boost. At the end, the consumer can view clear and consistent picture.

Note that the amplified items are costlier than the non-amplified ones. Hence it would be a better option to first troubleshoot the various scenarios which may probably lead to signal loss even before you plan to purchase an amplifier.

Purchasing an Amplifier –

You may come across TV signal boosters or amplifiers while purchasing a TV antenna. There are certain antennas which have a built-in amplifier whereas some do not.

Hence, in such cases you may need to purchase a separate product if need be. Note, that only in certain cases you should go in for an amplifier.

Individuals who already receive strong signals should avoid to use amplifier. There can be times wherein you tend to over-amplify the tuner.

When you make use of an amplifier even though the signals are strong then it can lead to problems. Hence over-amplifying is also not a good sign.

It is always a good point to make a note of all the issues which could probably cause the weakening in the signal and only then take a decision.

If you still feel that the signals are weak after trying out all the hacks, then probably amplifier would be a good choice.

Just as you are careful in selecting the right antenna, similarly you need to be careful in getting the right amplifier to avoid any issues in future.


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