How to Choose Best Mattress for Heavy People? – Buyer’s Guide


This article contains all the necessary information and essential points that you should know while buying a mattress that is suitable for heavy people.

While buying a mattress, most of the people just randomly pick a product that seems fit in their eyes, and they consider it suitable for themselves. Later, they wake up feeling uncomfortable about their back and neck pain.

The essential thing that people overlook while buying a mattress is their weight. Heavy sleepers tend to be more comfortable on firm mattresses as they provide more robust support for their joints and help to align the spine. While on the other hand, a soft bed suits the physique of other people.

Guide to Choose Best Mattress for Heavy People

There are several types of mattresses for heavy people that fulfill the demand of all heavy and light people. If you consider and weigh the ups and downs of a mattress’s material and quality and its effect on your body and your daily work, you might want to choose the item that is best for you then.

Now, the question that arises is that, which type of mattress is best for heavy people’s use, a bed that won’t give them a chance of complaining about sore muscles, aching joints, and tensed up stress points of the body.

You should keep in mind specific key points while buying a mattress if you want to experience peaceful naps without restless tosses and turns throughout the night.


The thickness of a mattress is scaled from six to fourteen. Heavier people are more comfortable on mattresses that have a width of at least 10”. Their heavy physique is easily coped by this or thickness of a higher level.


The firmness of a mattress is checked on a scale from one to ten. Beds of higher stiffness can easily support the body of heavy sleepers and help to alleviate their stress points and accurately align the spine as well.

Foam Mattress

These items are useful if you like close conform. But as it is foam, it will wear out sooner than you expect it to stand.

Air Mattress

You can adjust the firmness of this mattress according to your desire. Due to this unique quality of this mattress, it is suitable for people of all body types.

Latex Mattress

These mattresses can be the best choice for heavy sleepers. Due to being made of latex, they are more durable than any other mattress.

Innerspring Mattress

These mattresses have springs aligned in them which support the body and allows it free movement throughout the sleep.

Hybrid Mattress

As the name speaks, this mattress is a hybrid of several types of mattresses which will give the customer a comfortable experience.


As muscle fatigue and joint pain are somewhat becoming a more common problem these days, you should keep your weight in mind when you go out to buy a new mattress for yourself, as a mattress plays a vital role in the cause of this problem. As soft mattresses are not at all the right choice for heavy sleepers, you should look for thicker and firmer beds because such mattresses are best for heavy sleepers. So, you should keep these essential points in mind if you don’t want uneasy naps.


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