How to choose the first Painting by number


Painting by number can be bought today in many stores, but how do you choose your own? You can focus on the plot of the picture – like it or not, but when choosing this product, it is important to take into account a number of other points.

What are the types of Painting by Numbers?

The classic set of the presented coloring book is a canvas with areas drawn on it, marked with numbers, a set of paints and brushes for drawing.

Luminescent kits are a special kit that has an additional composition of luminescent, luminous paints that are applied to a ready-made picture. This gives it a special spectacular look in the dark.

Paintings in combination with sketches, but not painted, but a real, working mechanism that counts down time. This is not just a beautiful picture, but also a practical thing.

The picture is a mandala – it also has markings on canvas or cardboard, but the areas are not marked with numbers and, accordingly, the artist himself has the opportunity to choose his own shades for drawing. It is important to turn on your imagination and draw, and what happens is up to you.

And how to color pictures – here you can adopt a number of tips that are already given by experienced meters of art sciences.

First of all, we go from top to bottom and start from the very middle and move to the edges of the canvas – so you will not smear the finished drawing with your hands and sleeves.

There is a lot of controversy – to paint over areas of the same tone first, or to work gradually with all the colors? Here the artist himself decides how convenient it is for him, but it is best to paint light tones and move to darker ones.

Working with a painting, you can draw it on the table or on your knees, but it is optimal to buy the simplest and most inexpensive easel for coloring.

When you draw, wipe each time with a damp cloth, following from a light tone to a dark one. And even better, he will put a jar of water next to him and, when changing the colors of the paint, rinse it in it.

If the paint is very light, you can paint over the canvas in 2-3 layers, but dark – one is enough.

Do not be afraid that there may not be enough paints – the manufacturer often puts them in a set with a margin, except that in triptychs this can become a problem. But the paint can be diluted with water and thereby increase its volume.

When the work is ready, let it dry for a day and then cover it with varnish, which should also be allowed to dry for a day.

And already where you hang your creation is your decision.


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