How to convert your MP4 into WMV and many other formats with Wondershare


One of the most used formats on the Internet is MP4, if for example we download a video from the Internet; it is most likely in this type of video format. Once we have it on our computer, we have the option to convert it to other types of formats, in case our video player is not compatible with this video format. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is complete software that will allow us to convert in a large number of video formats, today we are going to talk about its main features and how we can easily convert videos.

The tool developed by Wondershare allows us to convert multiple input video formats, in the same output video format, greatly facilitating the conversion between different video formats. This tool is able to quickly convert our videos in MP4 format to WMV or M4V to MP4, and all this through a really intuitive graphical user interface.

On the official website of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate you can download this software for Windows and Mac operating systems. Some of its main features are that it allows us to convert between a large numbers of video formats, but in addition, we will be able to convert audio and even extract the audio from the videos that we import. This software also allows us to convert video files into VR format, and of course, it supports GPU acceleration to convert videos as quickly as possible.

The formats that this software supports are MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, MPEG and many others, it also supports the main audio formats of videos to extract them easily. Another interesting feature is that it incorporates a DVD recorder to create new videos by customizing it as we want, and then recording them directly, we can also add subtitles, watermarks, add filters and much more. Finally, this software allows us to create GIFs from videos, a video compressor, has a PC screen recorder, and even a small video editor that will allow us to easily trim it.

The first thing we have to do is go to the “Convert” section, and click on “Add” to add one or more videos and convert them. Once we have selected the videos, they will be loaded in the main menu, and we can start to configure the video output format. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate will show us the source video format, and we can configure the output format and resolution we want.

For example, we will be able to select between different resolutions with WMV format, we will have the possibility to choose the same resolution as the source, in Full HD 1080p resolution, HD 720p and even in SD 480p. We can also configure the bit rate that we have in the video, ideal to make it smaller without losing too much quality in the process.

Once we have selected the target format and its resolution, as well as the bit rate, we click on “Convert” to convert a single video. We also have the option to “Convert all” in case we have added several videos at once. This Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate program will also allow us to cut a certain video, and even combine several videos into one, which will have the same output format that we have chosen.

Other options available in Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the possibility of downloading videos from the Internet, directly pasting the URL of the video and downloading it, and we can even burn DVDs and also transfer the videos to mobile devices.

Finally, in the “Toolbox” section we will have the possibility to repair the metadata of the videos, convert a video to virtual reality, and even compress a video without losing too much quality. Other possibilities offered by this complete software are the possibility of recording our computer screen, creating GIFs from a video, and even transmitting multimedia content to our TV acting as a multimedia server. As you can see, this Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software is really complete video compressor, and will allow us to convert between multiple video files, including MP4 to WMV and many others.


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