How to Decorate an Instagram: the Main Secrets


The first thing a new visitor sees in your account is the so-called Instagram header, or the top of the user’s page, located just below the profile name. More depends on its design than one might think. 

In order to form it, you can use a special instagram story template and create a unique design of your best moments of life. 

Making an Instagram Header

The Instagram header is also called bio, a section about yourself, a profile description. The essence is one – a permanent part of the page in which certain information is stored. This is usually:

  • key information about the owner; 
  • of the profile;
  • activity to which the page is dedicated.

Here is everything that is important for users to know in order to get an idea of ​​the account. 

What About the Language?

Think about the language you want to fill in the profile header. Optimally, it will be the same language in which you write posts and communicate with the audience. Sometimes the desire to embellish and diversify the bio by using foreign phrases as a result repulses some visitors who do not understand what it is about. 

Installing the Font

Want to set your profile header apart from thousands of others? Try to do it with interesting fonts. Use special tools, such as Textygram, Lingojam, Textgenerator, Megacooltext. These are sites where you can enter the desired text, then copy it and paste it into the bio in a new form with the desired font. 

Preferred Paragraphs

A solid canvas of text (even 150 characters) is always a bad idea. Make sure each new phrase starts on a new line.  

Another way to visually separate lines is to use emoji. Choose thematic ones that reflect the essence of what is written, or do everything in the same style, putting the same symbols – ticks, pluses, etc. – at the beginning of each item. 


In order to create an attractive profile on Instagram, first do the preliminary work: think over the design of the profile header: select a name and an offer; check free nicknames; determine the language, fond and necessary paragraphs.


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