How to Download Minecraft and Minecraft 1.20 APK


Download Minecraft PE apk free with a working Xbox Live: always use a brush to clean the new sand, so as not to break the fragile clay fragments, and also get acquainted with the updated functions. You can also check minecraft 1.20 download apk here.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta

Every user who installs a new version of Minecraft PE should visit Cherry Grove. This new biome in Trails & Tales Update deserves special attention. The fact is that here players can not only admire the incredible splendor of flowering trees but also collect raw materials for the dye. You can check minecraft 1.20 apk here.

By the way, it will be useful for players to know that the developers have somewhat updated the function of using Emotions. Namely, the interface has been improved, and each newly created character automatically receives 4 already set emotions. You can also check minecraft 1.20 download apk here.


Users can have an interesting time in Minecraft PE not only in mines or doing construction but also by trying Archaeology. It is worth noting that this fascinating activity appeared in the game quite recently, but has already received many enthusiastic reviews from users. You can check minecraft 1.20 free download java edition apk here.

The first thing every archaeologist will need is a brush. Armed with this item, go to the desert biome and find new sand in the well or near the temples. You can download Minecraft PE here.

These are blocks with unusual ornaments that have been storing unique artifacts for several hundred years. Collect four pieces to make an ancient clay vessel out of them.

Cherry Grove

Another unusual place that certainly deserves the attention of every user is Cherry Grove Biome. There is always a spring atmosphere in its expanses. Which means a lot of sun and warmth, and bees fly everywhere.

In Minecraft in this location there is an opportunity to collect the petals of cherry trees and make them a dye with a very beautiful shade. Also here players can meet friendly mobs or just relax from problems and worries in the shade of cherry blossoms.

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