How to Download Minecraft 1.20 PC and APK Free for IOS, Android,Windows


Minecraft v1.20 is a major update for Java Edition and Android Bedrock Edition that contains new features announced at Minecraft Live 2022. Among the newly added, players will see Camels, Sniffer, Hanging signs and many other features that are scheduled for 2023. You can check minecraft free download 1.20 or how to download minecraft 1.20 here.

Minecraft 1.20 Release date

The full version will be available for download in the summer of 2023 for the following gaming platforms:

  • Bedrock Edition on Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo Switch
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 11, 10
  • Java Edition on Windows 7, 10, 11,  macOS,  and Linux.


Steve and Alex have been the only official vanilla skins for a long time. Developers will add 7 new skins.

  • These characters are often featured in trailers and DLC
  • The models have different arm thickness
  • Available from November 29, 2022


  • Is a Desert mob
  • Bigger and slower than a Horse
  • Has seats for two players
  • Eats Cacti
  • Feature Long Jump
  • The player can use weapons and tools while sitting on it
  • Monsters cannot attack players while they are sitting on the mob
  • There is a feature of short acceleration with recharge
  • Randomly stops and sits down to rest


  • The winner of the vote for mobs 2022
  • Will not spawn naturally
  • According to the developers, the mob is an extinct dinosaur
  • Hatches from an ancient egg
  • Sniffing the area and looking for seeds of ancient plants

Bamboo Planks

  • Crafted from block of bamboo
  • Can be used to craft respective buttons, doors, fences, fence gates, pressure plates, signs, slabs, stairs, and trapdoors
  • Can be used to craft bamboo rafts and bamboo raft with chests

Bamboo Raft

  • Created from Bamboo
  • There are few differences from the Boat
  • Two seats
  • You can put a chest or a mob in the trunk

Hanging Signs

  • There are 10 options in total
  • Created from Hewn wood and Chain
  • It can be attached to any blocks or to each other
  • The color depends on the type of wood

Chiseled Bookshelf

  • A new kind of bookshelves
  • Created from Bamboo
  • You can put or remove up to 6 Books
  • You can put any kind of Books
  • The comparator can pick up a Red Dust signal when a player adds or takes away one of the books
  • Can be used with a hopper and dropper

Questions and answers

How to save created worlds?

This is a test version, don’t forget to make copies of the worlds before launching the new version.

New features are not displayed?

We remind you that in order to activate new mobs and items, you need to turn on the experimental game mode in the settings menu.

When will Minecraft 1.20 be released?

The first betas and snapshots will start coming out soon. The update will be released in the summer of 2023.

An untitled update?

The developers together with the players will choose the name closer to the release of the update.

Why are there so few innovations?

The developers announced only what is already ready for implementation. The rest of the content will appear gradually.

How to download Minecraft 1.20?

This will only be possible with the release of snapshots and test builds, but some of the features are already available in the 1.19.60 beta version.

Minecraft 1.20 Download


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