How to Find Honest Casino Apps


With the unprecedented rise in smartphones globally has come an almost unimaginable rise in online gambling of all kinds. Casino games, poker, and sports betting have become a regular pastime for hundreds of millions of people around the world, many of whom live in countries where it was inaccessible before.

With such a rapid rise in popularity comes lots of operators hoping to win a share of the market. Sadly, a small percentage of these are scam casinos that will steal your deposits and run rigged games to bleed you dry. Sites like exist to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Finding Honest Casinos Online

Finding honest casinos and avoiding the scams is easier than it seems when you know what you’re looking for. Isn’t that always the way? Here are three important things to look for when sizing up a casino site or app.

(1) A valid iGaming license

We’re not saying that unlicensed casinos are all scams; some of them are fine. However, it’s always less risky to play at a licensed, regulated casino site. Some countries like the USA and Australia don’t have national iGaming regulators, but others like Malta, the UK, Sweden, and Denmark do.

If you can find a casino site with any (or all) of the above-mentioned licenses, that’s a good sign. Regulators will make sure they pay you when you win and treat you fairly.

(2) Legit games from trusted companies

If you’re a first time online gambler, you might not know which software companies you can trust and which ones you can’t. A good hint is to look for publicly traded companies that have to follow the laws of the nations they are listed in. Playtech, NetEnt, and Evolution are three names you can absolutely trust.

Another way is to test the games for yourself. Record what the theoretical return to player (RTP) is and then play one hundred rounds and see if the game actually performs as it promises. This isn’t foolproof, but it is an extra precautionary measure you can take.

(3) Positive player testimonials

There are lots of casino reviews sites online. The problem with these is that most of them are affiliates of the casinos, meaning they’re getting a cut of the action and profits. They have an economic incentive to paint over the ugly parts and emphasize the good qualities of the casino sites they deal with.

Look to neutral sites like for honest, fair testimonials from real players. Do keep in mind that angry/disgruntled players are more likely to spend the time required to leave a review than happy ones, but these sites are still a great way to get a general perception of the casino you’re thinking about playing at.

Final tip before you play

You might think that all of this research is a waste of time, and that the best way is to dive in, make a small deposit, and see what happens. That’s fine, but if you’re taking this approach, try to use cryptocurrencies or voucher systems like Neosurf and Flexepin. This way, if it is a rogue casino, the operator won’t be able to rack up extra charges on your credit card.


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