How to get a premium youtube experience for free


Youtube has become from nothing to everything. It is not a long time ago that people had no idea about youtube. But nowadays, you can’t have a single day without watching your favorite YouTubers’ videos. In the pandemic situation, people are more into youtube more than ever. But Youtube has to make some revenue from the websites. So they provide ads on every youtube video. Youtube also has the option to purchase an ad-free version. But it has some monthly subscription fee. But lucky for you, the pure tuber is here for you. Now you can do all the stuff that you always wanted with simple clients. So read more to find out more.

Block all youtube ads

One of the main things that you face when playing any videos on youtube is the ads. You like it, or not youtube will show you the ads. Sometimes the ads are so dull and accord that you had to stop watching youtube. But youtube premium has options for no ads on it. But if you don’t want to add some money to your youtube account, you can still have a tremendous ads-free experience on youtube for free. The premium tuber can help you to block all the ads on youtube. So if you use premium tuber, you won’t see any ads in the future.

Background play

There are many music lovers among you and spend a lot of time on youtube just for music videos. Youtube has the most extensive library when we are talking about music and songs. But youtube does not support background play, at least on the free version. But if you want to add this background feature, you have to purchase a youtube premium or use a premium tuber. Premium tuber was formally known as vanced tuber, and it has all the features that vanced tuber has offered because they are the same company. So you can have background playback on youtube and enjoy an outstanding audio experience like youtube premium without adding an extra charge.

All around downloader

One thing that youtube does not support is converting files. If you want to download any files on youtube, you cant download all the videos. You can download a limited amount of videos on youtube, and unfortunately, you cant download any video on youtube even if you are a premium user of youtube. But fair, no more premium tuber is here to rescue. The premium tuber has all the features that you need. You can now download all videos on youtube without any restriction.

Universal converter

In the free version of youtube, you can download the video but limited ones. But when you download, he vides the videos stays offline in the youtube app. You cant use the videos elsewhere, and you have limited time about the videos. Also, you have some qualities when it comes to youtube videos download. But with premium tuber, you have no limitation for downloading any videos on youtube. You can also convert any mp4 files to mp3 files, so if you are into downloading any youtube music, you don’t have to download the whole videos. You don’t need to have much space for your whole video of the music you want to hear. Just download the whole music video on mp3 format, and you can have the whole mp3 file on your phone, which will take less space on your phone.

There you have all the things that will make you use the new premium tuber right now. The Premium tuber is becoming more and more popular day by day, and you should check it out.


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